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bladder spasms?

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  • bladder spasms?

    I went to my IC specialist for the first time and I was telling her about how I leak. And she said that was due to muscle spasms in the bladder. So she gave me some meds to take for when I have muscle spasms, but I am not really sure what they feel like could someone explain them to me? Because I am in pain all the time, but I didn’t think it was due to muscle spasm in the bladder…
    She also said that IC patients can’t have blueberries…but everything I read says we can, so I am kind of questioning her a little…

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    As far as blueberries go, we're all different. Most of us can eat blueberries. The only way to see is to try them. As far as bladder spasms go, they kind of feel like a severe period cramp (others may feel it differently) You'll hear from others with their posts. If you haven't been on the IC diet I strongly recommend it. Hugs, Kathi
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      I would also describe mine as cramping pain, like when you get bad diarrehea, only the pain is over the bladder. Some ICers have more severe pain, and for others, it is milder. Like Kathi said, others may describe theirs differently, I am just giving you my experiance. I hope the new meds help you.



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        thanks so much! I always thought a spasm is like well, like when your leg twitches or something. I can tell now that I have lots of spasms, thanks so much for the information!

        I have also tried the diet, but I am still in a lot of pain. Just in the last 2 weeks I been to the ER twice because of my meds interacting badly causing me to have urinary retention. I hate caths!! Anyway, I guess I am just not having very good luck with meds or diet with IC, pain killers don't even touch the pain.


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          My bladder spasms are so strong that the doctor put in the Elmiron instill and watched my bladder squirt it back out with the spasms.

          So then he had to do it all over again, hold in the cath so my bladder didn't push it out, and finally got it to stay in! :woohoo: