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discomfort/pressure after voiding..?

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  • discomfort/pressure after voiding..?

    I came off my Ditropan XL last week after discussing TTC with my doctor; she wants me to be med free if possible, so far it's been ok! however, my biggest 'problem' with the IC is never feeling done after I void; and that has been a problem the last few days, not enough to make me jump back on the Ditropan, but it's a pain and takes me forever to get comfortable after a trip to the bathroom...

    I go back to work tomorrow and I'm worried about the length of time it takes me to do this comfortably...anyone else have this problem and if so, what helps you (medication free)? i've found heat and rest do wonders...i can't always lie down though!

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    I have the same problem, what I do is lean forward just a little bit, and then sit back, when I do this, I find that I'm able to finish without having any problems. (a Friend who has one kidney told me to do this and it works - so you might try it and see if it does for you.)


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      I always sit until those extra couple of drops come out Kathi
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        i have the same problem...i have serious retention issues . i can spend 1/2 hr on the toilet and finally get 14-20 oz out. then once i get up, it takes awhile to get "over" going to the bathroom!
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        Tried and failed: Elavil, Ultram, Prosed DS, Benadryl, Bentyl, Valium, Ativan, Zanaflex, Librax, Sanctura (all caused retention among other things), bladder instills (owwwwww!), Elmiron (allergic-throat tightening). Failed Interstim-no feeling in sacral nerves...

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          I have the same problem, I never feel done. I even do the lean over thing and I even leak anyway and I never ever feel done. If its really really bad, pyridium helps me, as I think sometimes the feeling is actually bladder spasms w/o anything there FOR me to go. If its just annoying and not really really bad, I use a heat pack and RECLINE my seat a little bit. It relieves the pressure a little w/o fully lying down. I always drive slightly reclined, I work slightly reclined.... if I'm sitting at all, I'm slightly reclined.


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            If you have to be at work, those stick-on or wrap around heat packs can work wonders (some people respond better to ice), and so can the IC cushion. It's specially designed so you can sit in a chair with no pressure on your bladder. You can get one in the ICN shop. I promise I get no kickback for this , but I use mine a lot and it really, really helps me.
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              i'm so glad it's not just me!

              i do the 'leaning' and mild straining, perhaps i need bladder re-training!

              i used to take pyridium, but we are totally med free for 2.5 days now, not one IC med in me and doing alright so far! so i can't take the pyridium anymore, we're on the road to TTC...

              if there's any other suggestions, i always welcome them! i work at a spa so i'm on my feet all day; the heat wrap things are intriguing though, i should look into them - i have a body wrap you heat up in the microwave but you can't stick it on your body easily while standing!


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                It took me a while to learn not to strain at all, but it was well worth it. Straining does make it worse. What I do now is to stand up part way, then sit back down. And when I'm finished, I hold the toilet tissue where it will catch any drips after I stand up just for a few seconds, before I toss the tissue in the toilet and flush.

                If I'm flaring, it always hurts worse immediately after I urinate and eases in about ten or fifteen minutes.

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                  ICN Donna's post

                  ICN Donna-
                  you're so very right, it causes me great discomfort to strain but sometimes it takes me forever's such a catch 22 for me!

                  i will continue to try that as i really want to stay med's not so bad but it's not great yet either...i think it may take me some time (more than 3 days!) to figure out how i'll really feel after coming off these and re-training my body to deal without the meds to control things...


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                    Count me in to ladies. This drives me nuts particullaly at night when I wake up to pee, then get up agian and again until I fall asleep. Mary and Donna thanks for those tips tonight.

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                      One of my signals that it is time for a treatment is what I call a backward UTI pain. There is no pain as I start to pee it is uncomfortable when I stop peeing. Another sign is the feeling of fullness even after I pee. Detrol didn't help me. All it did was slow my unrine stream to a dribble.
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                        I have been having the same problem lately. It seems more often than not I have 2 or 3 drops come out as soon as I get off of the toilet. I used to not have much burning afterward but over the last couple of months I have begun to have burning for 3-5 minutes after I pee. Of coruse when I am in a flare I often have burning 24/7. I have also been having more of that full feeling in my bladder afterwards than I used to. What bugs me is even when I am not in pain I continue to a have a major freqeuncy problem. I get sooooo tired of having to pee at least twice an hour. During flares it's often 4-5 times an hour. I tried Detrol before I was diagnosed with IC (when my first uro thought I had OAB) and did not do a thing for the frequency. It is so frustrating to have to spend so much time going to the little girls room especially at work. I somtimes feel like I need to move desk in the bathroom so I wouldn't be intreruppted by stupid bladder so often. I sure wish I could have my old bladder back. I feels so envious these days of people that have normal bladders. Another thing that bothers me is that this disease is sooooo misunderstood. When people here the word cystitis they think of it only being a bladder infection and wonder why I can't get rid of the infection. It really gets old telling them it's an infection but instead a chronic disease. I sure wish somone could come up with a cure for this crappy disease so we could all be nomal again.

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                          I have it bladder feels worse AFTER going to the bathroom, and more so with straining or a bowel movement. Strangely, when my bladder starts to "fill" up again, it seems to ease the pain a bit.


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                            i know how you feel - when my bladder begins to hold more urine it's much more comfortable - it's the time when i void it or when it's getting pretty full that i have the's annoying to say the least!

                            i started Amitryptaline Thursday instead of no meds as I was having too many problems and many times ending up in tears in the helps me relax which is nice but i need to push the fluids like w/the Ditropan (parched constantly)...when i'm full it's ok...when i void it's spasm relief, enough pressure to detain me way too long!

                            i am glad i don't have a desk job b/c i'd be soooo uncomfortable all day...i stand all day instead (work at a spa) but my bus trip to and from is an hour each way...that kills!