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does IC make you feel like your baldder is full alot??

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    Hi, Iam wondering if you ever have a firm feeling in your bladder area? IC fibromyalga. Now taking elmiron,elavil, cymbalta,etc. I have been in a flare what seems like forever!! Hope you can relate . Thanks marysxx.


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      when im in a flare thats exactly how i feel. Its like you drank a billion gallons of water and have held it for 3 days. i sit on the toilet all day practically trying to get it out but theres nothing to void! its very frustrating and i know how you feel!! you cant do anything except think you have to go. The only thing that i have found that has helped with the urgency has been elavil and hydroxyzine. Together they have been my savior. I have felt good for so long now. The only time it comes back is the week before my period. Good luck!

      previous meds:
      Elmiron 2 3x a day
      hydrocodiene for pain

      been med free since september 2010


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        For the past four weeks I have been with the urgency non stop and took ultram for that. The ultram itself makes you retain urine but it takes the urgency and pain away. I was on a vicious cycle, I would find relief for a day, but the following day was terrible, so I would take the ultram and so on. My urine stream was so thin and felt as if I were peeing only 1/10 of what I was drinking.
        I decided to break the cycle and experiment. I stopped taking the ultram (currently not taking anything else) and was very very uncomfortable for a week, but I said to myself I would not give in. To my surprise, I began feeling relief as my stream thickened and could void much more and stopped feeling the urgency. Now I make it through four hours.
        I hope this helps.


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          I just got my period on Saturday and I feel soooo much worse.
          There are alot of times I feel I dont empty my bladder all the way either. Also, I can pee out like 5 ounces and then wait 10 minutes and pee out another 3 ounces. Would this be considered reatined urine from before? Or could we actually produce 3 to 4 ounces of pee within 10 minutes?


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            I believe that you are retaining urine. I had a hysterectomy 7 weeks ago and the day I was leaving the hospital, I had the catheter removed and was asked to void in a measuring container and was sure I had emptied, but when the catheter was placed back again I was impressed by the amount that was left in my bladder that I couldn´t empty. This urine for sure wasn´t produced right away, it took only 3 minutes from the time I emptied to the time I had the catheter placed back. The amount I voided in the container had to be greater than what was passed through the catheter, if not, I would have to go home with the catheter for 3 days. Luckily I didn´t.
            Maybe you have pelvic floor disfunction, my uro said that since the pelvic muscles are so tense, the bladder makes a great effort to empty, and you are left with urgengy because you cannot empty completely. There are therapies that can really help with that.
            I hope this is useful and you start feeling better soon!


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              Hi moca.
              I have catheters here at home as I had to self cath after I had my instills as I have a reaction from them where I cannot pee after them and have to cath the meds out every time. I am thinking about self cathing later just to see how much I am retaining if I am.
              I feel I have to pee every 10 minutes and usually get out like 3 ounces or so every time. This is awful. Thanks for replying.