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Not sure where to ask this... pelvic ultrasound and 32 ounces of water to drink?

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    I simply can not do ultrasounds with the full bladder, it is pure torture and my OB understands that. He says you get just as good a shot with a transvaginal ultrasound and although this is no walk in the park with endo, it is still WAY better than a full bladder, ask if you can't do that instead. Good luck!
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      I have had quite a few pelvic sonograms and the last one I had when they told me to drink 32 ounces of water prior to coming in I told them that I have IC and that my Dr. said they wouldn't be able to see anything since my bladder would be in complete spasm. They told me to come in and start drinking when I got there. Well I walked in, took 2 sips of water and they called me in. I told them I didn't drink anything and they were able to do the sonogram without any problems. The Dr. who did the sonogram told me you don't really need that much water to see what's going on. Now maybe this is just his opinion but I did have the sonogram without drinking any water and they were able to see all of my organs just fine. Makes me wonder if you really need to drink any water at all. Again this is just my experience.


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        I had one recently because I was being tested for 'suspected endo' (which could have been IC all along... anyways) I was terrified about the damn thing coz I KNEW for a FACT that it would be physically impossible for me to do!!!

        So what I did was I started drinking bottled water 2 hours before the test, just sips so my bladder wouldn't fill too fast, then in the hour before the test I took bigger swigs. I can't remember how much I drank but it didn't 'go to plan' as what happened was by the time my Mum was parking I couldn't even wait for her to park, I had to get out of the car and RUN STRAIGHT TO THE LOO!!!!! ahahhahahahahaha!!!! And this was me trying to do it slowly, my own way, not even following the rules- think I'd only drank about 75cl!!

        So I went to the loo straight away. But I didn't do a full wee, I just weed out what felt like about half and then went and sat back down, thinking well there's still half an hour so by then my bladder will be full again.

        Anyway THEN they came and got me EARLY!!! RIGHT AFTER I JUST HAD THE WEE!!! I was like nooooooooooooo! Convinced it wouldn't be full enough- but IT WAS!

        So, I reckon it doesn't need to be as full as they make out in those guidelines!! So, I'm sure if you just go with your own body and don't let yourself get too uncomfortable, you will be fine.
        Laura xx

        'In office' cysto on 7th December- Given diagnosis of Overactive Bladder and Detrusitol XL to take for 6 weeks, then back for another check-up.

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          Just like Born To Swim said, there is such thing as a transvaginal ultrasound. Personally, drinking that much water is not an option for me, I wont do it. I don't have the capacity in my bladder to hold that much water anyways. A gulp would do it for me!!! It would be a good idea to ask about it, it would save you alot of pain!! It did for me!
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            If you decide to go the catheter route, you may want to ask for a pediatric catheter. When I was doing the instillations of heparin and DMSO the doctor recommended that after I had a very bad time. I'm sure you would have to arrange it before hand. I know it helped me even though I had to stop the treatments.
            I have had many scans like this and I remember well the mad dash for the bathroom afterwards. If I ever have to do it again I think I will try cutting the water down. They are always running late !
            Good luck I hope it all goes well
            with love, Katherine

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              Drink half and see if that's enough

              I've had multiple ultrasounds because of my heavy periods. My technician said to me to drink half during that time, sure enough, by the time the appointment rolled around, my bladder was already full, since us IC women have small bladders, half isn't a problem. Also, I'm never able to totally empty my bladder the first time around, so I still had a full bladder on the second part of the test.
              The 32 once thing is protocal, I think about all the women out there who have big bladders and can hold that much without a problem. Certaintly, that's not me!
              Good luck!