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Right Abdominal sided pain

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    Originally posted by BabyRN View Post
    I have the right-sided pain too. It can be quite excruciating, it feels like someone has stabbed me through to my back too. This is where my pain is concentrated and since I just had surgery, I know it isn't scar tissue. It gets aggravated by bowel movements also.

    All my pain is bowel-aggravated. It is so bad sometimes that it seems bowel-related.
    Diagnosed: 07/11/07 after Cystoscopy - mild case of IC, I also have PCOS.


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      Right Side

      The last time I had this symptom I had a strep infection in my kidney. See your doctor. They had to do the slow culture, the quick office one didn't show up.


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        Thanks to all of you who have written here. I have the same feeling where it feels like I am going to deliver. I have had ovarian tumor removed - so I know that pain. This pain is different.


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          right side pain

          I have also had horrible right side pain. I feel bad for everyone but at the same time I feel better that I am not crazy. I had my right ovary removed due to the pain, there was a cyst. This was several years ago. I still get pain on and off quite a bit. Sometimes it is severe. I have had several internal ultrasounds and the gyno says nothing is wrong. They all suggest referred pain from my bladder or scar tissue since there was alot when they removed the ovary.

          Remember one thing, they can not always tell if it is scar tissue unless they do exploritory surgery (great). And if it is scar tissue people who make it will generally get it back. This is a hard situation to be in. I have just been sucking up the pain. If you have bowl problems you might want to see a gastro Dr. You don't want any adhesions on your bowels or intestines. Good luck


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            IC side pain

            I was diagnoised with IC in 2002 - I have kidney stone like pain on my right side almost 24/7 - my doctor said this is part of the IC. There are times the pain is so sharp it takes my breath away and I make involuntary "I'm in pain" sounds - it can be very embrassing when in a business meeting. I also had a total h in 1987.

            I pray the Doctor's find something curable causing your pain. Hang in there.
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            Vicodin 500 mg as needed


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              I get it on the left side. So many times I've thought it must be a kidney infection because it can shoot up so high in the back/side, but usually starts very low down in the pelvis. All test normal for kidneys and everything else. So my doctor said to try not to worry too much about it. He is not minimizing it, just pointing out that we've ruled out everything that could be dangerous, so we attribute this pain to IC. Fortunately I have a wonderful pain management dr.

              I do know that pain can radiate around the pelvic area, so it may not be coming from the place where you feel it. Even if I seem to be in the minority with my left side pain, it's kind of reassuring to hear that lots of people have pain on one side more than the other.
              Je vous souhaite de la joie, de la bonne santée, et tout ce qu'il y a de bon dans la vie.
              Wishing you happiness and good health, and all the best out of life.

              Peace, Carolyn

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