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  • andrea1
    I had bursitis in my hips, too. I had cortisone shots and the pain went away.

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  • andrea1
    The mods can feel free to delete this if it's too long, but this is what my medical history looked like... many things have changed since this was last updated, but it was really helpful for me...

    Current Symptoms:
    • Bilateral hip pain (since 10/05)
    o Constant, burning pain
    o Right side is worse
    o Exact source of pain cannot be located
    o Variance in level of pain
    • Leg muscles twitch and spasm occasionally
    • Neck and shoulder pain with knots and stiffness
    • Lower back pain
    o Diagnosed w/ Spondylolysis in ’01- previously better w/ rest
    • Hip joints “pop” regularly
    • Occasional knee pain
    • Pain and stiffness in ankles
    • TMJ- jaw locks and pops
    • Chronic fatigue (since mid ’04)
    • Lightheadedness/ Dizziness
    o Exacerbated when lying/sitting  standing or when climbing stairs
    • Fell down stairs twice without noticeable cause (10/05-11/05)
    • Psychological diagnoses- Major Depressive Disorder, Panic Disorder

    • MRI- 10/05- femur- stress reaction in right femur w/ inflammation;
    4/06- pelvis- ovarian cyst (6.0x4.8cm), Skene’s gland cyst (8mm)
    • X-Ray- 1/06- hips- normal;
    4/06- pelvis- uneven pubic symphysis
    • Ultrasound- 1/06- pelvic- normal;
    1/06- aortic- normal;
    1/06- abdominal- slight hydronephrosis in right kidney
    • CT Scan w/ Contrast- 2/06- renal function- normal
    • Blood- ’05-’06- slight anemia (11/05); all other tests- normal
    • EMG & NCV- 3/06- thigh, hip, lower back- normal
    • Bone Scan- 3/06- slight scoliosis, all other results- normal

    • Crutches- 2.5 months- pain increased
    • Physical therapy- 4.5 months- pain increased
    • Aquatic therapy- pain increased
    • Heat/Ice- no response to pain
    • Light exercise:
    o Light jogging (10 minutes)- tolerance varied
    o Swimming (15 minutes)- tolerance varied
    o Elliptical (10 minutes)- tolerance varied
    o Walking (30 minutes)- tolerance varied
    • Trigger Point Acupuncture- no response to pain
    • Hypnotherapy- pain decrease while in hypnotic state
    • Medications:
    o Tylenol (OTC), Aleve (OTC), Ibuprofen (Rx), Celebrex (Rx)- no response to pain
    o Effexor XR- 225 mg- no response to pain
    o Medrol- 4mg- 6 day cycle- no response to pain
    o Relafen- 750mg, 3x/day- no response to pain
    o Flexeril- 10mg at night- no response to pain
    o Neurontin- 100mg, 3x/day- no response to pain- developed allergic reaction
    o Vicodin- 5/500, q 4-6 hrs- no response to pain
    o Klonopin- .5mg, 3x/day- severe dizziness, hallucinations, no response to pain
    o Tramadol- 50mg, q 4 hrs- no response to pain
    o Vicodin ES- 7.5/750, 3x/day- minor relief
    o Cymbalta- 20mg, 2x/day; 60mg, 2x/day; 60mg, 1x/day
    o Norco- 10/325, 2x with activity- pain decrease
    o Valium- 5mg, prn for withdrawal
    o Lodine- 500mg- no response to pain
    o Lunesta- 4mg, prn for insomnia
    o Baclofen- 10mg, prn for muscle spasms

    Current Medications:
    • Ativan- .5mg, prn- since 7/05
    • Cymbalta- 60mg, 1x/day- since 5/06
    • Norco- 10/325, 2x with activity- since 7/06
    • Valium- 5mg, prn for withdrawal- since 9/06
    • Lodine- 500mg- no response to pain- since 9/06
    • Lunesta- 4mg, prn for insomnia- since 9/06
    • Baclofen- 30mg, prn for muscle spasms- since 9/06

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  • andrea1
    It has been my experience that it is okay for you to go into a dr. appointment and tell them what you think you have. You have far more insight into your body than they do, especially if you have never seen them before. When I was shipped from dr. to dr, I kept a detailed medical history... I'll attach it. It printed one out for each doctor I saw to show him/her that I am proactive with my health and that I know what the hell I'm talking about. In case you can't tell, I've had some really horrible experiences with drs, one actually told me... "You don't know what 'horrible pain' is. There are people out there who are dying from cancer- They know what horrible pain is." I kid you not...

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  • andrea1
    I don't know what an ortho is going to do for you. I'd see a rheumatologist if you think you have Fibro. The ortho I saw initially told me to go get a pelvic exam to make sure I had nothing wrong with my "lady parts"... I swear to you those were his exact words... Needless to say, I don't have a good impression of orthos...

    What else would you like to know?

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  • curlycue

    wow.................. I think (even though) I dont want to think this is what I might have, you have discribed all of my symptoms. It started in 9/2006 and I had 22 treatments of PT and I felt worse, I started Accupuncture and I have done about 7 treatments but it never goes away. The dr is now sending me to a ortho I am scared. I really dont know what to ask my dr to do. I am glad that I have written on these boards, you ladies know more than the dr themselves.

    Andrea1 my sister in law is a gyno in UC Davis and my brother in law is a anesthisioligist (sp?) Any info you could provide me with would be great.

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  • andrea1
    If you want some basic information on Fibro, I happen to have a couple of journal articles in front of me as I am writing a research paper on Fibro and the perception of pain (perfect, eh?)

    "Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is characterized by wide-spread musculoskeletal pain and low pain thresholds at specific sites throughout the body. Additional symptoms may include stiffness, fatigue, depression, impaired memory, sleep and balance disturbance, dry mouth, headaches, and/or sore throats. FMS is further complicated by its apparent random onset and sensitivity to emotional and physical stress, anxiety and depression."

    They say that 11 of a list of 18 marked tender points must be painful and that it is typicall found in all four quadrants of the body (left and right side, above and below the hips). The pain also needs to have lasted longer than three months.

    This is all the technical stuff, but my doctor wasn't as concerned with the mechanics as he was with focusing on making the pain better. Fibro changes so much all the time that it may be possible to fit the criterion one day but not the other. Sometimes, I'll have no pain in my neck and shoulders and then a day later, I'll feel like I lifted a bunch of weights the day before. It may help you to create a pain log and rate it every night, writing down exactly which parts of your body were bothering you. I've been doing it for 7 weeks now and it's really helping me to notice patterns within my body.

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  • andrea1
    If you're asking if there's a blood test to diagnose Fibro, the answer is "no." Fibromyalgia is diagnosed by basically ruling out everything else. I had to rule out Myositis (muscular dystrophy), Rheumatoid Arthritis, structural problems, psychologial problems, Anemia, vitamin deficiencies and tons of other conditions that can be tested for in order to come to the Fibro diagnosis. It was a long and frustrating process. Ultimately, I did the research myself and sought out a dr. that works with Fibro and saw him. He confirmed my self-diagnosis at our first appt.

    How is your sleep? With Fibro, we tend not to fall into a deep sleep, which causes further fatigue and increased soreness. I know that for a long time, I used to wake up several times during the night, not because I had to pee, but just because.

    Treatment for Fibro is based on treating the symptoms. As of now, there is no cure, but it is definitely manageable. One way that I have kept my symptoms at bay, for the most part, is to reduce as much stress as possible and stay active. I play tennis for UC Davis, so I'm pretty active and, with the help of a great physical therapist, a fantastic doctor and a large list of medications, I made it through my first full season. If you do, in fact, have Fibro, you'll be able to manage, despite the lack of a cure.

    My meds:
    Cymbalta- for depression and it's supposed to help with pain, but it doesn't
    Trazodone- to keep me asleep at night
    Opana- when I need it to reduce my pain- doesn't really work for me, though
    Elmiron- for my "IC" that I still don't think I have
    Magnesium supplements- useful for smooth muscle maintenence
    Prednisone- to help with inflammation during my flare-ups

    I've also gone through a long list of medications in the past, I had to go through a lot of trial and error to find what worked best for me. If you have any other questions, by all means... ask. I'm around all the time Good luck.

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  • curlycue

    Andrea1............ what do you take or how do you handle it. Are there any blood work I cant get done.

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  • andrea1
    I'm not going to say you have Fibromyalgia, but your symptoms are very similar to mine and that's what I have. No back pain, though? That's kind of odd, I think.

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  • curlycue

    Yes Andrea1 that is exactly how they are. I am tired of it. Does anyone take Celebrex.

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  • tigger_gal
    what about Fibromyalgia?

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  • andrea1
    Are they achey? Like the way you feel when you get the flu? All I can say is that I have Fibromyalgia and I have problems with all of those places. Do you have back pain, too? How about your hips? Do you have problems with fatigue? Keep us posted with how you're doing, okay?

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  • 2littlemonkeys
    This past Monday I started to notice my fingers were getting stiff. By Tuesday I was in severe pain despite Advil or Tylenol. I went to the doctor and he couldn't figure it out since it came on quickly, so he ordered bloodwork. Wednesday I was in tears, called him and he prescribed Prednisone. By Wednesday night I was 100% better. Still a little pain in my knuckles, but much better. I'm still waiting on my blood results.

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  • curlycue

    Thanks for posting that info. I have been struggling with both my shoulders and elbows. I am suppose to go see a ortho next Thursday, but I am scared. Wish me good luck and Trishann I hope you get better.

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  • kat1107
    No, Its only in my left shoulder. Both my elbows but more in the left than right. My knees and ankles aren't as bad. And its not really at any certain time. It just hurts. And it just started about three days ago. It used to come on and off and bother me a little here and there. This is the first time it had lasted so long.

    Thank you all for you advice. I will ask my doctor the next time I see him!

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