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    I was wondering if someone who uses the Frozen Aloe Vera product how many bills you take per day or does it vary per person? How long did it take to get results from those who did get results? It seems like it is favorable to most people who take it.........any thoughts, opinions, suggestions or comments out there before I buy some?? Is it available at health food stores or only at the ICN Store? Thanks for you help.

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    So noone on this message board uses the Aloe Vera capsuls that are sold at the ICN Store? I swear I have read here in the past people use them........any help out there......PLEASE?????? If no one wants to talk about it, can someone at least tell me how many pills a day is the normal to take of this stuff? Maybe I have the name wrong.....freeze dried Aloe Vera maybe??


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      Do you mean the freeze-dried product by Desert Harvest?

      I have been taking those and found them to provide allot of relief. If you go to the Desert Harvest website it will give you instructions on the doseage depending on your circumstances.

      I tried a couple of other aloe vera capsules from a good health food store, but I got terrible diahrrea and it didn't help with bladder pain, so I won't use anything but their brand now.


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      - Originally had a very difficult time with taking Elmiron as it lowers an adrenal hormone called Aldostrone, which cased me to have an adrenal crisis. It's taken a year, but I've been able to work up to taking 300mg a day and after 4 months I am FINALLY in remission!!!
      - Using Aloe Vera Capsules daily and it really helps.
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        Yes, THANK YOU da89165. I am surprised no one responded, doesn't seem like this group to not help out others. Thank you I have checked out the web site.....see how brain dead I was, never even thought of a web site..DUH!!!