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First morning pee issues??

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  • First morning pee issues??

    Hi ladies.
    I was just wondering if any of you also have this issue I am having. I notice that when I get up in the middle of the night and first thing in the morning to pee, I dont get a good stream, or should I say I dont get a constant well going stream. I also feel I have to push some to get the pee out and going. If I dont push slightly, it wont come out well. This is usually only in the middle of the night or with my first pee. I also feel really swollen inside as well.
    I also notice lately that when I pee, and this is during the day as well, I have no problems starting my urine stream at all, but after I empy most of it out, it kind of stops, like I am finished, but then I can start up again and get some more out, maybe like an ounce or two more out,but sometimes less. My urine stream also really slows up toward the end when I likely only have about two or three ounces left in there. Anyone else get this?
    Is this a symptom of PFD? I went to an IC meeting the other night and they had a physical therpist there talking. She brought her ultrasound stuff with her, and she did an ultrasound of my bladder to see what it looked like and how my pelvic floor looked. She had me tense my pelvic floor muscles while looking on the ultrasound and she said that after I squeezed my pelvic floor muscle, it did not relax as quick as it should have. I am suppose to start PT on the 21st if this month to see if that will help with the IC pain. I am not sure if this first morning and middle of the night peeing issue is related to PFD or not though.
    It is weird that it is like this in the middle of the night and first thing in morning though. I have my bed elevated ALOT, like probably 6-10 inches due to my stomach issues and to prevent reflux. I wonder if this has anything to do with it. Probably not, as I have had my bed elevated like this for over three years, but Just a thought. I also have some lower back pain that I have had for a while. Or maybe this is just a part of IC. What do you ladies think? Thanks for any replies.

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    Actually, you're likely experiencing a bit of retention. The same thing happens to me.


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      My husband has a hiatus hernia and the head of our bed has been elevated for over thirty years without a problem.

      If you are straining to get that last little bit out, that could very easily be a large part of your problem. It's NEVER okay to strain; it will only increase the problem. I encourage you to give physical therapy a try. It may make you feel worse at the beginning, but that just means that your muscles are in need of the therapy and you hopefully will feel better after a few sessions.

      It's not unusual for an IC patient to have a slow urine stream.

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        Thanks Donna, and Robin.
        Donna, yes I am going to try the PT. I have my first appointment on the 21st of this month. I hope it will help. The only bad part is the receptionist said I would have to go twice a week. I have to pay a $25 copay each time I go. That would be $50 a week which for us is alot ot the moment. We have alot of bills, and my son also has his health issues and we have to pay out quite a bit on his prescriptions as well each month. I may ask if I can start out going once a week for now and see if that will work.
        Thanks again ladies for the replies. Hope you are both feeling well today.