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Itching, over the counter products?

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  • leelee88
    Hello and
    This could be a few things.. First I would say you need to get checked for a yeast infection, If that is clear then you could have vaginitis, or you could just be having an reaction to something you ate.. Also make sure you have not changed soaps or laundry soap..If you have ruled all this out then you could be getting vulvodynia, but when I have a flare I have burining, itching and swelling.. Well good luck and glad you found us


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  • Allies40
    started a topic Itching, over the counter products?

    Itching, over the counter products?

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm new to this site and love to see what everyone posts, so very helpful! I went to the Urologist today who did some tests and is going to do some more before he gives me an IC dx, but I'm pretty sure I have it base on what I'm suffering from. He gave me Urelle,I've only taken one so I'm sure I have to take a few more to get some effects. Today though, threw me for a loop. I think I'm starting to develope Vulvadenia, but I can't see my Gynocologist until next week. I'm extremely itchy on the outside, not the inside. Do any of you have any suggestions for me? I'm also peeing every 20 minutes, which doesn't help.
    Thanks for the advice!