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  • Is it too much?

    So, I have been doing very very well...practically in remission (99% normal) with meds. I still stick to the diet closely (but will forever even if I am 100% better). I have had symptoms now for approx. 7 months and have beeen on elmiron 6 months. I have been noticing in my pee journal that the volume of urine at each output is starting to grow, but there have been two occasions where I have urinated 20 oz. Is this too much, can I damage my bladder more? I don't feel like I am in pain holding it or anything, and I can go for hours and hours w/o peeing. My b/f said this is going to make me have gall stones...hmm so I was wondering what you guys thought.
    Onset of symtoms November 1, 2006

    Diagnosed December 8, 2006 with cysto/hydrodistention... Gradual relief with elmiron around month two, keep feeling better and better. and then remission

    2008 Update...still in remission

    Diagnosis: IC
    Meds: Elmiron 300mg/day, hydroxyzine 25 mg 1x/day

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    As long as you urinate when you feel the need and your bladder is emptying well, I don't see a problem. Normal bladder capacity is about a pint and you are only holding a little more than that.

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      Hmm, I think I have to go with Donna on this one. As long as you can get it all out, and you're not in pain or anything, then I think you're probably fine. It's possible to have a fairly large bladder capacity despite having IC.

      Anyway, I'm glad you're doing well overall, and I hope you get to total remission soon

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