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Urethral nerve sensations?

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  • Urethral nerve sensations?

    I have read some posts about people getting referred pain from their bladder to down their left leg into their foot. I seem to have this annoying sensitive nerve like discomfort near the vulva region or possibly on the side of the urethra where if it rubs up against something or I touch their it sends a nerve ending like feeling (not really a pain, just weird "zing" like sensation). I also feel this spasming nerve sensation in the same area in urethra when I urinate. Also it sends a referred shooting pain down the left leg into the bottom of foot. I have also had a dull ache occasionally in those same areas near urethra and down leg. Could this be a pinched nerve in JUST the urethral area or does this mean it is coming from my bladder? Anyone have a similar experience to this?

    Oh, may I also add sometimes it's like a burning sensation in my inner thighs and upper front thighs as well.