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does your pain ever change?

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  • does your pain ever change?

    I used to have pain just in my bladder that was more of a discomfort. That is gone but now have pain over my entire pelvic region. Kind of cramping/menstrual like pain, and sometimes burning like feeling where my ovaries are.

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    sounds familiar

    yeah, pain/discomfort shifts around for me too. Sometimes I have achy perennial pain, sometimes it's stingy/burny perennial pain, sometimes it's more urethral than perennial,sometimes it's more uncomfortable than painful...then, of course, there are the days where I get it all at once (those are fun). Just be sure you don't have a UTI that may have spread to your kidneys...that bacteria can be nasty, and sometimes it's hard to tell what's IC and what might be a UTI.I hope you un-flare soon!
    Diagnosed: December '06
    Meds: Urised (looking for more non-invasive options)
    I did not have any flares in Caracas. Patch explained this phenomenon to me as a type of "reverse" healing. When all of your energy and love is focused upon abating the pain of others, you, in turn, may heal.
    "Doctor Yaso" (Caracas, Venezuela) and "bolaroja" (Lima, Peru)