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  • leakage

    Of all the symptoms I have this is the one that is the worst. It is really starting to effect my life. I'm to the point I'm not sure how to do this anymore. Its hard to work when your leaking everywhere. I have about ten days or so a month that I can actually function without leaking all over the place. Does anyone else have this problem and have any ideas of what to do. The doctor has given me different things to fix it but nothing has worked so far. I am open to any suggestions and help I can get.


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    Is the leaking occuring at specific times, such as during stress (coughing/sneezing/lifting/etc)--this would be stress incontinence? Or are you leaking when trying to make it to the restroom--urge incontinence?

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      HI I also suffer from leakage. I have to wear a liner all the time. Mine never stops. This is what caused me to go see the uro and thats when i found out I had ic. He never told me what was causing it. So I live with leakage 24/7. If you ever find out what causes it please let me know. I hate it and I weary about people smelling urin when i'm out. I buy the sented pads but still.


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        Hi All,

        I also have leakage - use a Depends pantyliner everyday. Before I had pelvic floor repair surgery, the leaking was very bad....I also find that detrol la will help with it.....

        IC diagnosis 1999
        Meds: Elmiron
        hydroxyzine hcl
        DMSO as needed
        valium as needed
        librax 3x day

        TENS therapy

        Thanks to all on the boards - YOU have helped more than I can say!

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          Hi Thanks for the replies. For the most part its all the time. I just came from the bathroom and changed a drenched pad from simply walking out to the garage to give my husband something and came back in. No stress just walking. I can be just standing there. I have been trying to write everything down to see if I can find a pattern. What I eat and drink, if I'm stressed from anything, intercourse,when my period is, everything. I have stopped eating or drinking some things and no change. This has been going on for years and I feel like its taking over my life. I am always self conscious about smelling like urine. I feel completely unattractive to my husband even though he tells me its all ok. The only thing I have been able to find is that my best days of almost no leakage seem to be right as my period ends. I get about a week of pure bliss. Than about 12-15 days into my cycle it all starts again. It starts slowly and than progresses to heavy all the time flows until I start my period again. I take elmiron 3x a day. My doctor switched me from ditrapan xl to enablex. He said it would take a while for it to help but I dont think it is. I recently started to take prelief with meals and that has helped with some pain which is good. as much as I hate the pain I think I could live with that. the leakage is what has turned into a nightmare. I need some relief so badly and I dont know where to find it. I've had to modify the way i work to be able to get to a bathroom. They ahve been ok for the most part but I dont know how long they will let it go.
          thanks for the relies. I hope someone can give me some insight.


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            I am so sorry that you are having that problem. I get the stress incontinence of tinkling when I sneeze, cough; and the urge incontinence sometimes when I really need to go. My gosh, I hope something helps you soon.

            6/04 dx Mild IC; 3/06 2nd hydro/cysto w/2nd uro; Moderate IC now. IBS dx 11/03. 6/08 dx Vulva Vestibulitis/Pelvic Floor Spasms. 7/20/15 Feels like I have moderate IC now. Burning again.

            tried & failed treatments: Urocit K 2x/day, Prelief & Atarax 25 mg 3/05-6/06; elavil 10mg 11/30/06-2/28/07 (stopped due to hunger); elmiron orally but had throat tightness;heparin instills 1x/mo 9/04-2/05;elmiron instills every 2 wks 7/05-2/06;20 DMSO 7/28/06-9/07.nortriptyline 10mg 4/07-10/07current meds/treatments:Tofrinal 25mg;Yasmin bc. Heparin instills every 2 weeks 2/08-present. Mix: 8cc lidocaine, 8cc heparin (40,000 units), & 3cc sodium bicarb. main symptoms: frequency & labia/clitorial burning


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              yes, I have leakag

              I have leakage all the time. I wear a depends pad every day. My Uro says it is my IC. I have had urodynamics (my urge control was OFF THE CHARTS).
              Uro wanted me to see another URO that puts the implant in your back. I refuse to do that (read to much negative stuff on it).
              So I just deal with it, I can't stop it leakage.

              I am on ditropan 20mg and a patch of oxytrol. It does help (Trust me I have tried to do without it) I also take elmiron (have for 3 yrs), and take urised when I get really bad. I have vicodin for flare days. Take benedryl at night (the antihistime seems to help and URO said it would not hurt to take it for my IC)

              I went in last week to my URO for my follow up (I go every 3 to 6 months depending on how my IC is). She told I could have another hydro with the cocktail instillation. It has been a 1 and a half since my last one, it didn't seem to help that much either. My last one hurt for 3 weeks - so am I putting it off.

              I just wear my pads, take my meds and try to ignore my IC. It works for me. Of course people around me and my family know that I PEE ALOT but they just accept it.


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                You mention your leakage is better at the end of bleeding? That is interesting because it is estrogen that rises to stop the bleeding. Have you been tested for vaginal estrogen and serum level estrogen?
                Leaking has a lot of causes and to just write all of it off to IC, is not a proper investigation in my opinion. You can have some anatomical problems such as urethral displacement, uterine prolapse, pelvic floor problems as well as hormonal problems. Depending on what is causing the leaking, the treatment differs. It is worth an investigation to find the actual problem.
                Sling surgery wont work for instance with urethral displacement and so on.


                Meds: Melatonin 3mg @ bedtime if needed. Estrogen 1.5 mg troche and 0.1 mg Estrace cream.
                Diagnosis: IC, PFD (both in remission)


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                  Thank you for the information to check into. I go back to see my uro soon. I will definately bring up these suggestions. I really want to find out the causes of all this. any help I can get is greatly appreciated.