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TMI question here...more discharge than normal

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  • TMI question here...more discharge than normal

    So, the last couple of weeks I've been noticing more vaginal discharge than usual. It's clear, but definitely more than usual. My vaginal area is really irritated as well.

    I know in the past that I've had these symptoms as part of my ic, but could the increased discharge be from yeast? Or is it something that might happen with the ic. I'm pretty sure it's vaginal discharge...rather than urine.

    And yes, I know I should see my doctor. But, I wanted to see if others experience the same thing.


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    I would have the gyne check or do a culture to rule out bacterial vaginosis. I had alot of discharge a while back and it came back showing BV. Though there are times when I also have alot of discharge and there is no reason. I was also told that any amount of inflammation in the vagina can cause a discharge. Hope it clears up soon.


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      I had that happen a few weeks ago - much more discharge and itching. I kept thinking it was a yeast infection brewing and was really bummed as I haven't had one in about 3 years. Several days later it occurred to me that I had changed shower soaps. I discontinued the new one and all my symptoms disappeared. Worth checking into if you have new soap or detergent.

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        You'd have a smelly, cottage cheese like discharge if it was yeast. It could just be normal cervical fluid, but like the others said, check with your doctor.
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          Thanks everyone. I've got a doc appointment tomorrow to check it out. Jen, that's interesting that plain old inflamation in our neither region can cause increased discharge. I'm guess that's what's happening, but it's worth a trip for peace of mind. Besides, if it's yeast or bv, calming that just might calm this flare! One can only hope, huh?


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            I get increased discharge every month right before my period. I've noticed this as I've gotten older. It's doesn't have an odor though, but just being "moist", for lack of a better word, does make me irritated down there. Let us know what you find out.

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              We have yeast! Went to the gyno this afternoon and he found irritation in my vagina. His initial guess was that it was due to a ph change due to stress or diet. Apparently, it didn't look like yeast. But, he did a swab and came back into the room looking a bit surprised to have found yeast. So, I took a fluconazole tablet and hoping it helps.

              Oh yeah, he also said I'm really constipated, which I'm sure isn't helping the IC or my pelvic floor muscles.

              The other really cool thing is that when I mentioned IC, he said, "oh it's really common." When I mentioned that it didn't feel that way to me, he said, "go look on the online websites, they exist for a reason!" Folks, the word is getting out!!!!