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Stronger fingernails?

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  • Stronger fingernails?

    In the last several months, my fingernails have stopped chipping and cracking. They've gotten so much stronger, they've grown long.

    I mentioned it to a friend who has lupus and several related issues, and she said autoimmune diseases make our bodies metabolize vitamin D and other nutrients differently. She said her nails got stronger, too.

    It made me wonder how common this is. I know it sounds crazy, but I am really curious about it.
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    My fingernails are all different lengths because they keep breaking and splitting. I think it may be because I have my hands in water so much.

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      I have always had very strong nails, they grew very long and rarely broke. Now they still grow but they are much weaker and chip and split right down the middle. I think it might be the meds I take.

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        Re: Stronger fingernails?

        Did you try something to strengthen your nails? Mine are peeling badly. I am thinking of taking the low acid multivitamin. But any advice would be helpful