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Who Prescribes B&O & Valium Suppositories?

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  • Who Prescribes B&O & Valium Suppositories?

    Does a pain doctor prescribe these suppositories or a urologist? Mine first said that there is no such medication and then I mentioned these B&O suppositories, and told her I saw it mentioned on the IC website, and she knew what it was, but she said no way, that it is beyond what she does, that she has never used them, and that she wouldn't want to as if any problems arose, to avoid being sued from it. I'm so upset I start crying telling her how bad my bladder problems are. It might be the only thing that may work.

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    The only time I have had them was in the hospital and they were ordered by my urologist.

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      I've heard people on here talk about using these suppositories daily. For some reason, they won't give them to me, they won't even prescribe me something as simple as a catheter I could use during the night. The only thing my urologist will do is treat IC symptoms. I took the problem to my PCP today and he's at least willing to do an IVP to see if something is indenting my bladder. He said he'd do an ultrasound on my ovaries if the IVP doesn't show anything. I can't lay down and get any relief. If I go pea, doesn't matter, within a minute or less after I lay back down, the urgency of that comes right back. It's so irritating. If the IC is doing this, I want it to be the very VERY last option. I want every possible reason excluded as it should be.

      I have a question for you all.. If you have chronic bladder inflammation, does that mean it's IC? Well I at least know I have the inflammation. My urologist wants me to go through the hydrodistention, cystoscopy procedure and I don't think I can. I am scared to death. I'm afraid if I do this procedure, one of my organs will prolapse again.

      I've had severe and I mean severe bladder problems in the past, surgical prolapse repair/hysterectomy fixed it. My urologist did not want me having that procedure done and lied to me about why. Another urologist I saw said I cannot have IC if I have ever had a UTI, so how am I supposed to even believe the diagnosis is not something that is just full of crap after being told such a thing? How do you diagnose something and then just take it back? I'm sorry guys, I am not trying to say no one has IC, I am just in serious question of my diagnosis being nonsense all along. The IC treatment never helped.

      What really means that you have IC? What is it the doctors find that can prove it?
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