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Weird bladder shape when filling

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  • Weird bladder shape when filling

    I was told my bladder had a weird shape, she might have said it did that when filling, that I can't recall for sure, but I was having a urodynamics done when it showed it. My IVP did not show anything indenting my bladder, she didn't seem to know why it had a weird shape. Anyone ever been told this about your bladder? I don't know what to think. I was supposed to have my hydrodistention monday for the IC but I got scared and cancelled.

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    I'm thinking you'll probably have to talk to your doctor for more information as to what it could be and what it means.

    FWIW, my bladder also had an odd shape, from inside looking out. It was caused by my uterus which is leaning into my bladder.

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      My gyn had no explanation for it but she felt it necessary to tell me. I also had that before, my uterus disfigured the neck of my bladder, the IVP showed it, however I don't have a uterus anymore, or cervix. If anything was indenting my bladder, the IVP would have shown it. I think this only happened during filling of my bladder. I might go get the results and find out because I can't remember for sure. Does it even make sense, if your bladder is empty, nothing is pressing on it, but when filling up, something does??? I really don't feel irritated taking Elmiron but it didn't do a thing for the pressure & urgency I have. I guess it's not so much an urgency as it is just a feeling to pea. I can hold it when I don't feel irritated inside but I randomly have incontinence and I don't always feel urine in my bladder when it's full. Sometimes I pea on myself right after I get up off the toilet. I'd think maybe a neuro issue after all those pelvic surgeries but the urodynamics didn't show it I guess. I know they filled my bladder to the point it hurt but it took forever before I felt a stronge urge. And I wouldn't say so much it was a strong urge that I had to cry stop because of the pain. When they did the IVP last week and I did the colon cleanse, the pelvic pressure stopped. That's why I think my intestines might be partial to blame. I have constipation but even taking Miralax, my bowels will move daily but still have that pressure. And I know miralax and a colon cleanse is not the same thing but... I have had rectal pressure too ever since that IVP last week (from the laxative prep). My gyn isn't going to do anything else for me, but she did say she'd give me a referal to a pain clinic. My urologist wants to just treat for OAB which I can't do because of retention issues with the meds, or for the IC, doesn't matter if it's the IC or not causing the problem, a urologist will just assume it is. I think I'd rather have a urogyn who can also look at the fact that I've had several pelvic surgeries and POP issues repeadedly. Maybe it's several issues causing the problem. I am just driving myself nuts trying to figure it out. I wish I could go to physical therapy for this but I'm sure it's not offered here.


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        Well, Bladder, at least you have that info and won't have to go through those tests again. Guess a lot of things can cause the weird shape of the bladder, you could have been born with it, who knows? Unfortunately docs do not have crystal balls and can not see into the past (would we really want them to) or the future (likewise). LOL. All we want is for them to give us a hand for now, and get active in research and learning more about these strange diseases. Any doc who wants to continue to educate him/herself is a good one. Take care. Jill, wife of Bob


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          Abnormal shape of the bladder is not normal. I only had this problem in the past from my uterus disfiguring my bladder. It looked like on the test results that the abnormal shape is at the bottom of my bladder, going outward, so I think it must be a lesion or tumor, maybe from the IC, who knows. I'm waiting on my PCP to call to see if he can do a test where I have a full bladder, and find out what it is.