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Have you all heard about the new IC test coming out?

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  • Have you all heard about the new IC test coming out?

    I heard through my urologist that there is a new test coming out soon to determine if you have IC or not, all you will have to do is pea in a cup, and they can test it and see if it is IC or not. How awesome is that?

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    I hope it is really something new. As things stand now if one feels like they have a UTI and when the urine is tested and no bacteria shows up the Doctor supects IC. Other tests are usually then done to confirm. Every time I hear of something new for us with IC I get excited with hope. Thanks, Hug, Ziggy


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      Yes it's supposed to be something new, it's not a test for UTI's. It's a test strip that will show if you have IC for sure or not. I kind of suspect my inflammation to be from other causes, mainly my autoimmune disease, so I will be glad to take such a test and find out for sure.


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        I that's great! It makes me feel like they're at least ~thinking~ about IC!! Every since I was dx'd with this I've felt like a bad Cinderella. It gives me hope!!
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        Currents treatments that help somewhat:
        Heating pad
        Hot baths
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          Even though we all had to go through the cysto-hydro thing this a excellent news for future IC patients. Also like you said it is part of a break through of IC. Hope they find a cure real soon, I do not mean for this next comment to sound cruel because I would not wish this desease on anyone, But if someone of real real important in the states came down with IC I bet they would fund IC research a heck alot more. It just seems that when significant people get hurt the media has it on the news over and over if it is regular people you would not here it on the news.If I have said this and offend anyone I don't mean for that to be.
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            The hydrodistention never helped me, always get a UTI afterwards and bleed. I never had any relief from the procedure, but they really can't see what they need to can they unless they distend your bladder?


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              I think what you refer to is probably Dr. Keay's research. You can read about it at

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                I know at the last AUA meeting it was talked about:-) It sounded like it was close, but not yet approved. Did your uro happen to say when we might see this test available? It's very exciting! Maybe more will be diagnosed properly and of course sooner!

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                  She said it would be soon, but didn't give details to exactly when.