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How do you stop thinking about your bladder?

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  • How do you stop thinking about your bladder?

    You know, whenever you try not to think of something, that's exactly what you think about. I think I would be fine more or less if I could stop thinking about IC and how often I have to pee ("oh, I haven't had to pee again yet!" - and that's when I have to pee) and will there be bathrooms here, etc. When I'm doing something that forces me to take my mind off of it I usually don't have frequency. Usually when I'm at work I'm too busy to think about it. Saturday night I was at my boyfriend's house playing a video game and somehow 4 hours went by and I hadn't moved from my seat and my bladder felt fine. I feel like I need hypnotized or something so I can stop thinking about it at other times, especially when I'm bored, like at school.

    I tend to dwell on things. I do this with food too...I think about it all the time (food and IC!) and of course that doesn't help with trying to lose weight. How can I stop doing this?

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    Distraction distraction distraction.....I walk, play computer games, read books (love my Nook) my kids and talk...........even coming here and answering posts helps, because when I help others, I seem to help myself.

    Curious about what others do!
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      Funny you mention hypnosis. My URO has a partner who specializes in hypnosis. He used to be a urologist that practiced with my current URO. I've been offered an appt but because my insurance doesnt cover it i've never been. If I ever had the spare money I'd try it. Its completely harmless and if it helps even better.
      Perhaps that might be an option for you.
      Another option could be an integrative medical approach--combined holistic/alternative approach with conventional medicine. My GYN opened a center for women four years ago thats flourishing.

      Just a couple of suggestions.
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        I would go to a hypnotherapist. My aunt was going to a hypnosis class for weight loss and it helped her for awhile, even though she wasn't listening to the CDs as much as she was supposed to (I think she said she was supposed to listen to them 3x a day...she works full time, so she didn't have time!) I don't think she goes anymore though. The closest places I could go are about 45mins-1hr away though, so that would be hard right now.

        Thanks for the suggestions

        Oh, I had a Reiki session before and it was really relaxing. Maybe it's worth a try again...but again that 45min-1hr drive, arghhh...


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          The only time I don't think about it is when my bladder isn't sending those unconscious signals to my brain that it wants attention!
          Once in while when I'm having a good day I'll think "wow, I haven't been conscious of my bladder in hours" and thats a great feeling!

          Gelnique for frequency/urgency - works great
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