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Lower back pain/increased urgency

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  • Lower back pain/increased urgency

    Hello everyone,

    I have a question...I recently was diagnosed (within the last 6 months) and immediately noticed when I got my period I was more susceptible to flaring. My second and most heinous flare happened right after my period, and after a night of drinking (this was obviously before I knew I had IC). So I was put on a birth control that gives me 4 periods a year. This is my third month on it and will be getting my period any day now. I've noticed a real increase in frequency and pressure. In addition it seems that I'm "leaking" (gross - I know..esp. depressing since I'm 27 and feel like I have the bladder of a 90 year old). I also have had some pretty terrible lower back pain. Does this mean that I am about to go into a flare? What can I do to make sure I dont? It's a friend's birthday tomorrow and I'd like a cocktail (I keep to blueberry vodka w/ a splash of tonic - i only have one and drink it with lots of water). The alcohol for me has been a hard thing to give up since it was very much a part of my social life. Anyway, I just don't want to put myself back in that terrible pain but want to be able to still enjoy some of the things I used to. This frequency and lower back pain is really bad though and causing me to lose sleep. I hate taking sleeping aids but have to tonight and had to last night to get even a few hours. Any suggestions? What do you all think is causing the lower back pain? Any help would be appreciated! If any of this sounds familiar to any of you please let me know and let me know how you cope. Thanks so much.


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    For me, I had back pain well before the bladder pain. It was bad every time I would drink too many diet cokes the night before.. would wake up the next morning and peeing would just kill my back. I thought it was my kidneys getting mad at me. It wasn't until I had my endometriosis taken out that I noticed the bladder pain. Before, I just thought all belly pain was endo. Had no idea I had IC. So with me, now that I know what's going on.. I usually get frequency first. Then usually back pain, followed by the burning right in my middle.. like my belly has heartburn. Then, if I'm really unlucky, I get the urethral burning too. I always get back pain with my flares. Ugh.

    I hardly ever drank, but you know as soon as I couldn't have it, now I miss it lol I used to drink daquaris and vodka with 7 up. Now I don't touch the stuff. I know what it does to me, and that's just not something that's important enough for me to be in horrid pain.

    And yes, I have flares around my period too. It's bad enough I have bad periods, but let's add a flare? Thanks a lot mother nature! As for sleeping through the night.. when I'm in a flare, or can feel one coming, nothing makes it all the way better. But, heating pads (one on the back, one on the belly) along with a hot bath before bed (I'll usually mix in some baking soda) seem to help. And pyridium. Unfortunately, every time I flare, I have horrible night time peeing. Like right now, I get up at 2 am and 5am whether I want to or not.

    Oh, and the incontenince.. that's not really a IC thing, but it could be a pelvic floor dysfunction thing. I have that, and I leak too. And I'm only 33. Some things my physical therapist told me to do.. when you need to cough or sneeze or laugh, tighten up those muscles. That should help to stem the flow. Also, the urgency (and then not actually having to go) can be helped by doing an exercise she taught me. When you feel like you're gonna wet yourself... stop what you're doing. Stay perfectly still. Contract your muscles a couple of times.. then take a few nice deep breaths. Try to think about something else (good to have a go to something.. like what's for dinner lol). If you keep thinking Gotta pee gotta pee! it won't help. At first I thought it wasn't gonna work. But sometimes it does. A few times I was able to make my bladder shut up long enough to go back to sleep for a lil while.

    Hope that helps! And hope you feel better soon!


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      The lower back pain can come from pelvic floor dysfunction, one of my IC books says that it is always a sign of pfd. That is when our muscles become tense and tight around our pelvis and bladder to try and protect the bladder. The leakage does come with long IC and pfd. My Dr asks me every visit if I have leakage. If you do have PFD,physical therapy can do wonders for that. Be sure that you find a PT that is familiar with IC patients as we need a different kind of therapy. IC Dr's say to never let a pt give you kegals to do, we don't need them as our muscles are already tense. We need to learn to relax our muscles. The leaking can be from those muscles that are somewhat "stuck" in a tense position and not tightening properly, you have to get them to relax first and then they will work correctly again.
      Wishing you the best.
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        I don't have PFD, but when I flare, I do have bladder spasms that can cause related low back pain. If this is a new symptom, you should discuss it with your doctor. I hope you are out of this flare quickly. I have to say in your place I would stick with bottled water at any event if I feel a flare coming on.

        Sending gentle hugs,
        Stay safe

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          I had the same symptoms from bladder prolapse, frequency was 40-100 times a day, urgency, pressure, pain, incontinence, hesitancy, and low back pain. You are so young for that though. Do you lift heavy stuff or have kids that could have weakened your muscles? Any bladder condition can cause back pain with it. With IC, if your bladder has a low capacity, it can start filling, and causing blood vessels to bleed, and your bladder can go crazy over that. They told me that, but my bladder can hold 450cc, I don't think I have low capacity. Alcohol will make you pee yourself to death too, it's a diuretic. It makes my bladder burn badly too, so I don't drink anymore.


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            I think one of the differences of PFD is that your back hurts all the time, not just when you flare. Like my lower back always hurts worse when I have cramps too. If it persists without any relief, I would see my Dr. I wouldn't advise drinking if you are any bit worried that you might have a flare. I miss me wine and a mixed drink here and there, but it isn't worth it to me.
            Link to the patient information, everything from What is IC? to Disability

            American Urological Association Clinical Guideline
            Diagnosis and Treatment of Intersitial Cysitis/Painful Bladder Syndrom


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              Low back pain could be a sign of a uti or kidney infection.

              Let's keep praying for a cure.
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