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Unexplained pain

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  • ICNDonna
    It's possible that your current problem is IC related, but there are also other possible causes --- I strongly suggest you call your doctor and make an early appointment.


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  • Firepower84
    started a topic Unexplained pain

    Unexplained pain

    Hi everyone. I have been having some issues for the past few days and I am a little worried. I was diagnosed with IC in 2008 and it has been pretty manageable for me. I havent had much pain. Just frequent bathroom trips and urgency. Last week I started feeling so bloated that I couldnt eat a normal sized meal without feeling like my stomach was filled up to capacity. When I touch my abdomen it is tender and looks swollen. I thought maybe I was constipated, but I dont think that is the case. I still cannot eat as it just makes me feel miserable. Does this normally happen with IC?