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Back pain related to IC?

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  • Back pain related to IC?

    I don't know if I'm posting this is the right section but I have had IC for many years and it's gotten worse. In addition, I have lower back pain that goes into my butt check, hip and groin area. It's on the right side. An MRI showed a possible herniation/bulge but nothing significant. I've noticed that a lot of women here with IC seem to have lower back pain and pain in these areas. I am going to PT for PFD and my back but it's not helping. The doctor said maybe I could try the spinal (epidural) injections next. My question is, if this pain is from my IC, do you think the injections would help me? Have any of you had the injections for back pain? I sure don't want to get them and make my bladder issues worse. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    I had back pain when I was in severe ic flare. I did have injections in my neck and back but it did no good. but everyone is different and they might work for you. I wish you the very best let us know how things go for you.
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      For me, my IC related back pain is on both sides of my lower back. Not sure about other's maybe some will let you know about their experiences with back pain from IC. Maybe it is from a pinched nerve or inflamed nerve. Have you seen a pain management Dr, they are usually anesthesiologist and they do most of the injections for nerve pain and blocks. Maybe they could give you a better diagnosis.

      Good luck and keep us updated.
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        In have injections in the muscles in my shoulders for pain from a herniated disc in my neck regularly. I don't do it for my IC of course but the injections help tremendously.

        FWIW, I also have the spinal I injections directly into the disc and it works wonders for me. I do it about 3- times a year and it takes me out of the horrible pain from the herniated disc. It's worth it to me!!!
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