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    I'm at a good weight but this IC belly stops me from getting long pants I'd like to get. Also I look pregnant in the belly sometimes. I hate this a lot. Anyone else? Even panties are hard to find. Sometimes belly is flatter in in earlier part of the day and swells up later so I have to put on night clothes around 4 pm because even the pants I have (and it's not always warm enough for skirts/dresses) can cause a flare.
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    PS It makes it hard to go see my family sometimes.
    If you keep a green bough in your heart
    the singing bird will come.


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      Sorry this is so late, but I have had similar issues. My solution was to go out and but several pairs of yoga pants with drawstring waists. Anything else seems to cause pain.


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        when i flare my belly sticks out also, i hate that.
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          I can only wear the Yoga Pants, by Champion, at Target. They are only in black and I have to buy, size large. There isn't a draw string and I think they can pass, for dress pants. I buy my underwear at least 2 sizes larger, even though I've slowly lost 30 pounds in the last 10years. I've never been pregnant and have wondered if there were panyhose for pregnant women that I might be able to try.
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            I've been wearing yoga pants too. I like the elastic waist. I also tend to wear the hiphugger type panties, so there is less pressure. I can't stand to wear pants that put pressure on my belly, I haven't worn jeans in months.


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              I am 68 and have a very large IC belly. Kind of laughable since I look pregnant. I buy maternity jeans & dress pants and wear them with tunics. It works for me. If I am uncomfortable I just don't wear underwear but wash the cloths ASAP. Around the house I often wear PJ bottoms. I wonder if anyone with IC does not have that IC belly? Why do we have it? What causes it? It's one of the strange conditions of haveing IC. No one seems to know. Hug, Ziggy


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                Lots of pants have lycra these days --- which is a blessing --- it's what I wear most of the time.

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