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Back/Hip pain/burning, IC related?

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  • Back/Hip pain/burning, IC related?

    Good morning~
    I hope I'm posting in the right place. I've read some of the threads posted here and was wondering if any of the back/side pain is associated with a burning/radiant type sensation. My Mother has IC and has had this pain in her lower back and what she describes as burning pain in her hip bone. She knows that it isn't her kidneys since she has been tested. This has been going on for quite sometime and long before she was diagnosed with IC. She wonders if anyone is experiencing any of the same symptoms. Any experience with this would be helpful. Thanks, Carolyn

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    Hi, I occasionally get pain on my lower right side and sometimes lower back pains. maybe a symptom of IC or it could be something else. it would be good to bring it up next time she visits her uro. good luck
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      Many ICers do have back and side pain, but if it's something new, it should be checked out. We have a tendency to blame anything on the IC, but that's not always the case.

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        I definitely agree that you should tell your Dr. about any new pain. When I was in physical therapy for hip and lower back pain, the physical therapist told me that some nerves that relate to the bladder are located in the lower back area. He also said that there was a possibility that my chronic bladder pain causes my muscles in that area and the muscles in my buttocks and hip to tense. And the tense muscles may have contributed to my sacrum being pulled out of place. In my layman's understanding, I gathered that any type of chronic pain influences other parts of the body. I went to my Dr. thinking that I had a bad hip. And my Dr. sent me to physical therapy. After my gluteous minimus and medius were worked on, a lot of the hip pain subsided. I wish the best to your mom. I hope that her Dr. can get her moving in a direction that will work for her, warm regards, Mare