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Underwear - To wear or not to wear?

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  • Underwear - To wear or not to wear?

    Hi guys,

    Wasn't sure where to put this post. A while ago I stopped wearing pants (hope you all know what I mean - in the UK pants are what we call the underwear that we wear under our trousers/skirts) because I always feel very itchy and uncomfortable. In the end it seemed better to 'go commando.'

    I was wondering whether anyone else has any experience with this issue? Is it okay to do this, or could the fact I have less protection 'down below' be contributing to my IC symptoms??

    P.S - What IS the American word for pants?? Is it just panties?!

    Jem x

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    I call them "undies" and I only wear them when I have to - with good slacks/pants, etc.

    Only for special occasions and then, only, the tiniest ones I have like string bikinis'. I can't stand anything on my abdomen.


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      Thanks for your reply Izazen,

      I'm the same - I only ever wear them on 'special occasions' or when I have my period. It's good to know I'm not the only one who finds them uncomfortable and annoying! I was a bit worried about wearing thongs/g-strings though, because I heard that you can get thrush from wearing them too often...Not sure if that's true.

      Anyway, I'm glad I now know what the American word is! I had just started writing the post and I thought 'If I say I've stopped wearing pants they'll be very worried about me.' LOL.



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        I don't know about thrush from thongs, but I do know that they can contribute to urinary tract infections.


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          You're right! I read that too....So overall, it's def best to avoid them. Special occasions only! ;-)