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What helps with this symptom?

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  • What helps with this symptom?

    Does anything help with that feeling of having to go(pressure) immediately after going?

    I am having trouble with going to the bathroom then feeling like I have to go again. In fact, I seem to feel better when I have some urine in my bladder.

    This is the symptom that bothers me the most (almost drives me crazy). I actually dread going to the bathroom because of this. I would like to add that I don't have much frequency (I only go about 6-8 times a day and can usually sleep through the night)

    I do follow the IC diet (not sure it helps though). I have tried a whole lot of different meds for my IC (including elmiron), none of which have worked. I am not on any meds right now. I do have an appointment with a new uro (not happy with my current one), but that isn't till mid April.

    Do any of you have this symptom? What will help with this????

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    sometimes while i am flaring its like that i just take peridium and try to find out what caused the flare.

    this flare i am in now i believe was from constapation and having an enema; flared me up.
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      Thanks Linda May. Pyridium doesn't help me. I don't really have 'flares'. This horrible symptom never goes away. It has been there every single day since I was diagnosed in November 2009. Pyridium is not something anyone can take long term either.

      Anyone else??


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        I have the EXACT same issue...anyone help please ????


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          hope this helps

          i used to have that, I had my bladder stretched. It helped for about a year the first time then less as I had it done each time. Now I do bladder installs where I have to cath myself. You might talk to your doctor about this. I don't know where you live but my doctor is Dr. Evans he is at Wake Forrest Baptist Hospital he was Heaven sent and I thank God for him everyday. Good Luck and I hope this helps you.

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          Topamax for Migraines 50
          Elavil 12.5 mg
          Lidocaine 2% 10 cc
          Sodium Bicarb 8.4% 5 cc
          Heprain 20,000 Units
          Hydroxyzine 25 mgs
          Valium Sup. 10 mgs.
          Phenegran 25 mgs.
          Amerge 2.5 mgs.
          Lidocaine Gel 2%


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            Thanks for replying. I had a cysto/hydro last year in February for diagnostic purposes but it didn't help my IC at all. I don't think I want to repeat that. I also had one series of dmso/sodium bicarbonate/lidocaine instills which did not help. Do you do your instills yourself or at the doctor's office? Do you know what is in the instills? How often do you have them done?