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Right side Bladder Pain & Urethral Pain

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  • Right side Bladder Pain & Urethral Pain

    It always starts on my right side of my baldder..burning and feeling like there's tin foil in there. My urethra hurts quite abit even when my bladder's not flairing..almost like it has a piece of foil in it or pinches when i move. I would like to know if others have pain on one side or in one specific spot?
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    I have always had right side pelvic pain, and also pain on my right flank (where my kidney is). I have always had right side pain. They used to think it was ovarian cysts (I have had a few, but the flank pain was always something that gave it away when my IC is really acting up). Currently I am in a bit of a bad flare, and my pain is all right side on the pelvis, and the urethra. Even when I have my boyfriend do the internal vaginal massage for PFD (which resulted from my IC), the right side is always tighter and in more pain. I will sometimes get localized pain in the center, but the pain is always worse on the right side for me. Some people get left side pain, but I have heard from a lot of people who have right side pain. It always makes it fun when you go to the ER, they ALWAYS think it was my appendix. Always showed up normal, of course!

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    Elavil 25mg (helped with nighttime urination-used to be 7 or more times a night, now just once)
    Cymbalta 60mg
    Gabapentin (Neurontin) (3200mg/day)
    Zyrtec 10mg
    Xanax 0.5mg up to 3 times a day(spasms, anxiety)
    Macrobid 100mg (only on days when doing an instill)
    Yaz Birth Control (3 months on birth control, then period)
    Pelvic floor therapy
    Valium 5 mg (inserted vaginally)
    MScontin 30 mg (3 times a day)
    Percocet 10/325mg (every 6 hours)
    TENS Therapy, CVS machine, 30 minutes once or twice a day
    Sanctura XR 60 mg (to help control severe bladder spasms that are causing urinary retention episodes and enable normal bladder sensations)

    *** 1/4 of a teaspoon of baking soda in an 8 ounce glass of water up to 4 times a day*****


    Currently doing hyaluronic acid instillations (cystistat-6 instillations, once a week, already had 4...not sure if helping)

    Used to do these:

    Solu-Cortef (act-o-vial) 100 mg: 2 mL
    Marcaine (bupivicaine) 0.5 % 25 mL
    20,000 units Heparin
    3 mL sodium bicarbonate

    Diagnoses: Moderate IC, scoliosis, asthma, ovarian cysts, PFD, IBS, Fibromyalgia, vulvodynia, Fowler's syndrome (mild) 'Central Sensitivity Syndrome.'


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      Funny, I have left side pain. Always, never stops. When it's really bad it is everywhere, but always left side. I think it has to do with my pelvic floor issues.