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  • sore bladder

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone has ever felt like this and how you found some relief? I am not sure how to explain this symptom well. My bladder isnt really "painful" right now but it feels sore. It almost reminds me of what a deflated balloon would feel like (if a balloon could feel, Of course)
    My bladder is also very "leaky." I am due to ovulate any day now so I figure that this is due to it.
    I had been in remission for several years, during my pregnancy with my twins and for 3 years after. My bladder is starting to remind me that it is here , so depressing! I am grateful for the time I had but I am so fearful that it will get bad again.

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    my bladder feels sore after I urinate. as far as relief goes Im taking 1200mg and sometimes more of neurontin at night. The effect lingers on the following day until about 8pm, then the pain comes back. I have general pelvic pain associated with IC and possibly endometriosis
    Diagnosed with IC October 2009- through bladder biopsy (no glomerations or hunners ulcers found, just irritation)

    I have moderate-severe IC

    Currently stopped taking all medications due to pregnancy


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      Hi~ It has been a long time since you posted this, but I can totally relate....My first "acute" attack of IC (with frequency and extreme pain) occured 8 months ago. After 2 months, it got more or less under control, but for the past month, my bladder has felt very tender and touchy...I always feel like I'm walking on eggshells, waiting for disaster to strike...I noticed in a post dated from 2006, that you are from Granby--I live right in South Hadley, just over the line from Granby...If IC is still an issue in your life, perhaps we could get in touch to share information/resources? I have been seeing Dr. Mostafavi, and like him, but am not too convinced that a urologist is the way to go...He even suggested that integrative therapies could be more potentially helpful....Feeling very confused about how to approach this situation...