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  • Pain question

    Does anyone experience this. My pain switches from my bladder which will feel irritated and heavy and I will have frequency issues, then all of a sudden that will go away and I will feel like I have a stick stuck in my urethra or vagina and it will cause an annoying sickining feeling of pressure sort of like labor or early contractions. It's driving me crazy. If I don't get to sleep tonight I am going to go crazy!

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    Sleep? What's That?

    Oh yes absolutely! I am in that same boat. I told my urogynecologist that it feels like my insides are between my legs, and that it feels like I have a bat shoved up me. The fullness and pain is horrific. I do bladder instillations at home now. What I have found to be somewhat helpful is my pelvic pain doctor (who diagnosed me with pelvic neuropathy as well as my IC), put me on 5% Lidocaine (Lidoderm) pain patches which I wear a 2 X 2 inch square on each side of my hipbones toward my abdomen. It seems to numb the "top" of my bladder, which is the only way I can describe it. Sleep is never more than 2 hrs. in a row for me on a nightly basis. I know exactly how you feel!


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      That sounds awful. It is amazing to read about all the different kinds of pain this causes people. Is your pain constant or does it switch to different places like mine does. Like this morning, I got a good nights sleep, I think 8-9 hrs because I took a sedative because I slept 2 hrs the night before. When I wake from a good sleep I feel normal, nothing hurts, then as the day goes on something will usually come back. I had a day a few days ago where I had almost no symptoms the whole day, it was wonderful. I have still been on a strick diet but am not on any meds yet just supplements. I have a something like Elival to try tonight if I am feeling bad but I have been nervous to start it.


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        I tried Elavil but unfortunately I was allergic to it, but that didn't show up until 2 days into using it. For those 2 days I honestly can't say I noticed any difference, however, I know others who take Elavil and they find it helpful with their IC symptoms. I suppose only those blessed IC'ers who aren't severe find relief easier. Don't you feel good when you go on this network because you don't feel so alone? That was hard for me when I was first diagnosed.....feeling so isolated because people would say "IC??? What's that?"