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Water...To Drink...or Not to Drink???? That is the question...

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  • Water...To Drink...or Not to Drink???? That is the question...

    Well....if every time I drink water 5 min later I feel like I have to pee out the 2-5 ounces I just drank...should I keep drinking anyway?? I mean I KNOW I have to drink at some point..but is it better to drink alot of water? or Not?

    Also...I have been trying to hold off "peeing" when I am out of the today...I held it for 2 hours...I did really have urges (seem to be better when I am walking or standing)...when I got home I peed only 4 oz..but I held that for 2 hours.... Is it bad to try and hold off? Should we give in to every urge?

    TIA all...I just dont know how to thank you all enough for answering all my questions...

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    You do need to drink water. If you don't get enough liquid into your body, the urine will become concentrated and even more irritating. It may take a few days to adjust to drinking more, but you need to get six to eight cups of liquid daily. If your tap water is heavily clorinated you might want to try drinking bottled spring water.

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      I think best to drink more water and keep your pee diluted, less pain that way.

      What you are doing by holding it is actually called bladder retraining and it is a good thing to do. When I saw my UG he gave me a whole sheet on how to re-train my bladder and only go at specific time intervals whether I have to go or not. If absolutely can't hold it for lets say 2hrs then hold it an extra 15 minutes before you go. The idea is you start where you are comfortable, lets say 1hr or 90 minutes and go at that interval all day. The next week add 15 minutes, the week after that another 15 minutes. I make myself go a minimum 2 hrs and if I don't have to go at that interval now then I wait until I really have to go. Bladder retraining is useful because when you go more frequently you lose bladder capacity over time and doing what you're doing helps regain that capacity.
      Are you taking any oab meds? They really help in conjunction with bladder re-training because they help get rid of the persistant urge feeling. Without meds I feel like I've got to go at 1 hr, with the meds I don't get that feeling until about 2 hrs. Some people who get retention can't take them.

      Alot of ICers who have severe pain can't really do bladder re-training because it hurts too much to not go.

      Gelnique for frequency/urgency - works great
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      Prilosec, continuous birth control pills
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        No I am not on any meds...I was actually diagnosed almost 2 years ago by dr. Parsons....I now live in VA....I would only get the occasional to go a lot at night....but now...I don't know what is happening..I just had a laproscopy tubal ligation on March 10th...they apparently put a catheter in me while I was under anesthesia...about 6 days after the surgery (which I had NO, I MEAN NO pain from the surgery nothing) 6 days after I start flaring really bad the worst i have ever been....sometimes going every 10 -20 minutes...spazams in what feels like my urethra area....etc....I thought I got an infection from being the dr. just called in Bactrim......well I only have 1 day left of that...and I am no better so I now know it was not an infection...its my first REAL flare...

        To be honest with you ...I am scared to death...that I may always stay this way....

        Anyway...I am wondering if this is happening b/c of the surgery? maybe because of the Catheter?

        I see a new urologist here in VA Wednesday for the first time....I am hoping he gives me something for the urges.... Oh i forgot to mention...when I saw Dr. Parsons...(almost 2 years go) he gave me Elmiron..but I took it for a few days and it seemed like my symptoms got worse..???? so I stopped and really after that I never had to much of a problem till now

        OH YEA>...I am taking OTC use to help w/ the little urges I would get...but right now...i dont think its helping anymore. I stopped taking my vitamins...Fish oil...and I am trying the diet but I still feel the same.

        Any more input you have for me...I would greatly appreciate.



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          You do need the water to keep things diluted, but also because dehydration can lead to kidney stones as well, and trust me you don't want those !

          * ITP - autoimmune blood disorder - spleen removed 1978 and in remission since
          * MS- diagnosed Jan-2010
          * IC - confirmed by cysto and hydro Nov-2010 - currently taking no medication
          * possible adenomyosis - suspected by urogyno May-2010
          * low Vitamin D levels - taking 2000 IU daily
          * sleep issues - 1/2 alprazolam


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            For some reason - water just races through my body. As soon as its in there - it wants to get out - fast!!

            Especially if I'm going out. Yesterday, for example, I drank 4 cups of water in the morning as I love to drink hot water (relaxing) and I'm always anxious in the morning.

            Then we got the idea of dashing out to a movie so I "went" before we went out, then I had to go (bad) as soon as I got to the show (20 min car ride) then during the movie (really bad) I had to go again. Then afterward!!

            I know its good for me but I really hate to drink water.


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              izazen....LOL thats me too!!! I feel like I sip 4 oz out of 16 oz bottle and right after it goes down,...I have the urge to pee it out!!