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    I posted in the introduction section, but I have questions regarding my symptoms, and still seeking insight. I think I might have posted in the wrong area...

    As I write this post, while I don't have pain, I have a feeling of tension. It is really hard to describe. I guess I could say it feels like I have clenched a muscle so tight, that it aches and burns.

    Two weeks ago, I had a UTI (tested twice in a week, and both tests showed positive for nitrates, which indicate bacteria). I was on Cipro for 3 days and Micrbid (sp?) for a week. The symptoms started to go away, and I was feeling great. However, 4 days into the 2nd round of anti-biotics, the symptoms came back full force. I instantly went to the OB/GYN, had a test, and no bacteria, but both rbc and wbc. I was given a STAT referral to a urologist.

    I met with the urologist, and he stated I had classic symptoms of bladder inflammation due to the UTI, however, I am having a CT scan in a week, and cystocopy in 2 weeks, just to be sure.

    During the UTI, I had no real pain, just urgency and frequency. Throughout this ordeal, I have not had any real pain, other than what I described above. My lower back, and sometimes the middle of my back ache something bad, but I have been in 3 car accidents, so back pain is something I can deal with.

    I have no history of any bladder issues. I got my first UTI in October, but it cleared up without any issues. I guess I am doing better than I was last week, but I cannot completely relax that area of my body (for lack of better description). I even had a massage today, and I could feel every part of my body relaxing, except my pelvic region.

    As of Saturday, I still had a high level of white blood cells (wbc) in my urine.

    Also, as of 2 weeks ago, I went of birth control pills, which I had been on for 5 years because of endometriosis. I am a hormonal mess, which is not helping with my high stress job...

    Any insights?


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    Maybe you should try something different like Chinese acupuncture. I just started and after two days felt awesome,felt good for 18 days then got a uti. Not too bad though. I go back in three days again.


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      I am still very new to this but after my initial uti symptoms let up ( i had neg cultures) I had pelvic floor tension that was driving me to distraction. It sounds like that might be what you are talking about. I started going for pt and started using vaginal valium

      Now my symptoms go back and forth btw bladder pressure and pain and pelvic floor muscle tension.

      One uro prescrbed gelnique and another prescribed valium 3x a day. I am doing both with limited success.

      I am meeting with a uro/gyno to discuss these treatment options and whether or not I should go on continuous birth control.