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  • Urine color...

    Is it normal during a flare for your urine to be dark yellow..? I have been drinking water and even still my urine is very dark?

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    I'd like to know too!

    When my symptoms first appeard 5 weeks ago my urine was very amber even though I was drinking a ton of water, it took a couple of days to finally get pale, but if I stopped drinking water for even an hr or two it would get dark again. This is part of the reason why I think I have stones, I think they clog up the kidney. At first I wanted it to be stones so it wouldn't be this dreaded IC but now I hear stories of plenty of people who have both!


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      thank you for your reply christine....I also am thinking there is a slight possibility that it could be from the Xyzal > Antihistimine..I am on my way to my new urologist here Ill let you know what he says

      PS: im the same way as you if I am not drinking a ton of water..its real yellow or amber.


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        Can you please let me know what you have found?
        I am impatiently waiting to see a Urologist.. My urine is dark coloured now matter how much water a drink. It is a bit smelly too.

        Tried Detrol - caused bladder spasms


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          There are also some foods and drinks that can cause discoloration of urine. You might want to try keeping a food/drink diary to help find a cause for your dark urine.

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            Thank you Donna - you are an angel...
            It is nice to know that for all our misery and pain there are people who care.

            Tried Detrol - caused bladder spasms