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Low Back Pain...Ouch!

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  • Low Back Pain...Ouch!

    I have had IC for about 7 years. I am currently "flaring" and have extreme low back pain. I have read that this is referred pain from bladder spasms, but it is just so much more painful than it has ever been. I tried to rub on my low back to see if it would feel better and it felt worse. Any ideas on how to relieve this pain?

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    If this is a new pain, I suggest you check in with your doctor. It's not unusual to have low back pain with IC, but you don't want to ignore something that could be helped.

    Stay safe

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      Heat helps a bit for me. Do you also have pelvic floor dysfunction? Low back pain can be a symptom of that too, as it certainly was for me. If you haven't been assessed for that, perhaps you should consider it. Physical therapy can also be a big help no matter what the source of your back pain is.
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        I have low back problems with disc and arthrits anyways, but when ever I have an infection or a flare my back pain greatly increases. For me it is often the first a sign of a flare or UTI coming.

        I for this I use a heating pad, I find it helps the pain or maybe just helps take my mind off of the pain.

        My husband teases me I cuddle my heating pad more than him. I probably do, poor man.

        Riding in the car really bothers my bladder, so I always use one for car rides longer than 15 mins.

        It is a visious cycle rideing in the car irritates my bladder, irritated bladder means, I can't pee (retention) if this goes on for very long I get increase pain, pressure, frequency, back pain etc.

        I feel for you to have back pain too, if you think about it some people when in labour feel the pain in their backs more than others, referred to as back labour. All your bits in your pelvic are all close together so when one part hurts, you can feel it in other parts as well.

        Having said this it is worth to have your back checked out the pain could be from some other cause and you maybe able to do something about it, or some gentle streaching may help relieve that pain.

        But I would for sure ask a Dr. about it.

        Good luck MG
        My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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          I would look into the Coxxyc bone. I am having a MRI this sat to rule that out actually I posted something on that here. DR. Evans said if that was it that it would have to be fixed. Bet u that is what it is. Good luck google it.

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            Definately mention this to your Dr. It can very likely be PFD, I have learned a few yoga poses that help with the lower back pain immensely. I know that another member tried some yoga recently and had some problems though so I would say be careful if you aren't very active, or have extremely tight muscles. NEVER push yourself and don't hold any pose too long.

            The pose that I find that helps my back pain and can eliminate it is the prayer squat pose. You might be able to find an example of it on the web. It causes you to relax your pelvis without even trying and lets up on the pain for me. Like I said, this is what works for me.
            Also it is recommended to take several short warm baths a day to help soothe the muscles.

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              I have lower back pain all the time. I had an mri done not too long ago, and found out I have some arthritis and mild disk degeneration, but my bladder causes most of my misery. The referred pain is horrible for me. It goes down my legs too sometimes. I generally ache alot in my back from the arthritis, and in my knee joints too sometimes. I use a magic bag which has little beads that you put in the microwave or fridge, and alternate between hot and cold. I've had a lot of MRI's in the past year, and they found only the arthritis, and some wearing disks. I'm sorry you are hurting :-( I hope you find some relief soon.


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                Re: Low Back Pain...Ouch!

                Just something to share that normally doesn't get covered with this site!
                100% of the time people with 'IC'
                have an underlying health issue going on!
                They fail to inform you on this,like its an isolated diagnosis as if it starts in and from the bladder!
                Not that what is being shared to help with symptoms is not right,it is very helpful f


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                  Re: Low Back Pain...Ouch!

                  For helping releiving symptoms.
                  But IC is not the cause,it's a symptom in and of itself!


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                    Re: Low Back Pain...Ouch!

                    I am so sorry for anyone with low back pain. I am not a doctor or medical professional. I did go to a top urologist at UC Med Center in San Francisco who said that the back, pelvic floor and IC go together pain wise. However some people have a separate issue with their back. I am praying for all here. I use a gentle chiropractor and a physical therapist gave me some gentle exercises which I do every day at home. However if it hurts most of the time a physical therapist can give ultrasound which is very soothing. My doctor gave me pain med for high pain of IC which I use sometimes if the back is really hurting. Also an ice pack helps.
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                      Re: Low Back Pain...Ouch!

                      My uro asks me all the time if I have low back pain. So far I don't usually, but I do notice that if I'm driving a lot or have a lot going on that sometimes I will feel it.
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                      Also took Desert Harvest Aloe (3 in the morning and 3 at night) for a year and had great luck.
                      No longer need them, so I only take them during flares.