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  • Cimetidine

    Today I learily decided to try to take a Tagamet (Cimetidine) because I've been having reflux badly (I have GERD), and I was pleasantly surprised that my symptoms seemed to be less today. I have to be so careful with meds because most of them flare me unfortunately. I'm one of those people who flare from everything...sigh...I'm hoping to be able to take them daily to see if they help my IC. I'm still having some pressure/pain, but not as intense as usual. It would be a miracle if something finally gives me relief.

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    I haven't seen much discussion recently, but several years ago there were a lot of ICers reporting success with cimetidine.

    I'm glad it's helping you.

    Stay safe

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      Re: Cimetidine

      Did it flare u? The cimetidine? Im in same trouble. Pls respond. Thx!


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        Re: Cimetidine

        I tried it it find not help me, but we are all so different, I am glad it us helping you, at least it us an easy Med to take, easy to get, few side effects. A plus all around.

        I would suggest that if you are using OTC, start with the smallest dose, one once a day, then try one twice a day. If this does not bother your bladder and it helps your GERD and helps you bladder, talk to your doctor about it, it still comes in a stronger strength by RX, and can be RXed at a much higher dose if you need it.

        A ENT just said I need to be treating GERD, he said he wanted me to take the PPIS but at double the normal dose, I have not tried it yet.

        I am so glad fir you it us helping.
        My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.