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Olive oil for lubrication?

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  • Olive oil for lubrication?

    I had bacterial vaginosis a couple of weeks ago. I went back to my ob/gyn yesterday and she said she did not see any bv or yeast. She did send it off to do a culture on it. I told her it was still burning when we had sex and she told me to use Olive Oil instead of Astroglide or KY. She said it is natural and the same ph as the vagina. I asked her if it would cause infections she said no. Does anyone use it and if so did you have any problems? thanks

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    Olive oil caused me to burn a bit. I use canola oil with great success and with absolutely no irritation!!
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      I have also heard that Crisco works well. Just don't use any oils with a condom or diaphragm because they can damage the prophylactic.
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        Does anyone know if using these oils retards the sperm mobility if we are trying to get pregnant? We have been using preseed lubricant but hubby says it gets really sticky and he hates it. I'd be willing to try the oil but just want to to make sure it won't do harm. I know KY and others are bad for baby making because they destroy the sperm.