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urethral pain progression

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  • urethral pain progression

    I have been having syptoms since november last year and i have not been pain free one day. But i guess compared to many people here on the forum, my IC symptoms are on the lighter side, my only symptoms are: painful urination (when the stream is finishing up), increased pressure around lower abs when im getting close of needing to go pee, and hypersensitive clitoris.

    i was wondering if anyone has any tips to help alleviate urethral pain as that's my primary and most annoying symptoms of all. my urologist put me up elivail but i dont want to become a druggy and it makes me super tired every single day. i read some posts here talking about taking colostrum and glucosamine /MSM to help alleviate sympstoms, i feel like colostrum helps me a little bit, but glucosamine really decreased my pain by a significant amount. It used to hurt so much to pee each time that i had to sit there and shiver a bit after i pee in order to get myself back together. but ever since i've been taking glucosamine/MSM (1500mg/day), the pain has lessened but still present every day.

    Also what i noticed is that, my urethral pain is A LOT less when i have LOTS of urine to pass, sometimes when i have a lot to pee out, i can't even feel pain when the stream is finishing up, and this has puzzled me for a long time!!

    so, does anyone have the same situations as me or if you have any tips from your experience that work for urethra pain like the one i described here? Please let me know!!! thank you!!

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    Typically the pain at the end of urination is because the walls of your bladder are inflamed, because the bladder is like a balloon emptying when you get to the end of voiding the sides touch quickly. So, the irritated sides touching causes pain, just like when you have a uti and have the pain at the end of urination.

    Many people find relief form elavil. I wouldn't think that anyone would consider you a "druggie" for taking a med to relieve a chronic illness. The supplements you take work by helping with inflamation the same way that a perscription drug works. If it is making your tired, you might want to ask for a smaller dose or see about an alternative that would help the same but with fewer side effects. Some people find that the sleepiness goes away after a time, for some it never subsides. There are alternatives that don't cause as much drowsiness.

    I hope you find something to ease your symptoms soon,

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      it makes sense that the bladder wall touches and it produces pain in the urethra, but do you happen to know why i feel minimal to no pain when i have a lot of urine to pass? that's so weird.

      It's not that i think i would get hooked on drug, i just dont like the idea of having to take prescription drugs for pretty much the rest of my life, the month i was on elavail, it didnt really help me much with my urethral pain but to make me extremely tired all the time, and i was already on the lowest dose possible (10mg once a day), i just wish there's someone out there who's had success with treating urethra pain in a natural way (i also tried azo, it took thge edge off, but i still had pain while on it)



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        I have urethral burning all the time, it hurts like hell when I pee. I've been taking Calcium, Greens plus, following the IC diet but can't get rid of this damn's as if my body was producing acid. Also, my urine smells funny - I've been flaring for two weeks.
        Dg. with IC 2/15/10

        Other conditions: depression, ADHD, lactose intolerance, celiac disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, IBS-C.

        Medications I'm on: Vyvanse 70mg, Xanax 1 mg as needed, Wellbutrin XL 150 mg, Vicodin 5/500 as needed for pain, Microgestin 1/20 continuously.

        Supplements I'm taking: Chondroitin Sulfate, N-acetyl-glucosamine, MSM 3gr/day, Pancreatin, B-5, Ester-C, and marshmallow root tea


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          When you have a lot of urine, it usually means that you are ingesting a lot of fluids. This would dilute the urine so there will be less pain. I know that if I don't drink enough and allow my urine to become concentrated, it hurts!

          Warm hugs,
          Stay safe

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            what about lyrica or neurontin?

            I know that you said you preferred not taking drugs, but I think that all of us here would much rather not have to take anything either. The reality is that some of us have gotten a lot of relief and it's worth a try to me anyway. I take Lyrica and that pretty much stopped all the burning sensations i used to have. IT basically took away all of the pain, but it still doesn't help that much with frequency which is an off and on thing for me. Good luck! Nancy