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only pain during sex= pdf?

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  • only pain during sex= pdf?

    Hi I have had symptoms for a year now. Constant frequency and bladder pressure. I have touch wood never had pain-only discomfort and mild to moderate urethral burning on and off. However, I always get pain during sex. It feels like I have trapped air high up inside of me and is really uncomfortable. I also have bad burning after sex that can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 days. I am wondering if I have PDF as well as IC and this is causing the problems after sex. Anybody any ideas?

    Thanks- Sarah

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    I had the same issue and never had PDF but my uterus & bladder had chronic inflammation, and the issue with sex just seemed to cause alot of lower UTI's that brought on pain afterwards. Bad bacteria is more easily introduced into the urethra during sex. You can always try to pee just before and just after having sex, and try different positions that involve less friction and rubbing near the urethral opening.


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      OK Thanks for your response and advice!