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Mucus in Urine- IC symptom

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  • Mucus in Urine- IC symptom

    I have on occasion saw what to me looks like mucus in my urine. I first saw it when I gave a sample. It actually looked like a clearish booger (sorry I didn't know how else to explain it!) The doctor didn't say anything and by the time he got back with my initial results and was talking to me I forgot to bring it up and he didn't say anything.

    Anyway I saw that it is common in an UTI. But is it an IC symptom too? Still waiting to see if any things grows off my urinalysis. At the doctor it came back positive for Leukocytes but not nitrates so not sure yet. Sigh!


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    I can state that I don't recall any posts where an individual actually mentioned about seeing mucus during urination. Of course, I have not been seeing any during urination. Oh, yeah! That may not be completely correct for me. I have got proctitis; therefore, I often have mucus passing through my rectum.(and have to wipe even if peeing sometimes)(and hate to get any on underwear)OK. I did notice you first saw it while giving a urine sample, but the doctor never mentioned it at all. I was not aware that was common with a UTI, but I have had more than a single UTI by now. If you are told that you are dealing with one, then you can get that cleared up and see if the other thing is gone, too. If not, you can decide whether or not to mention it to the urologist. At least, I am not stating it is a regular IC symptom because it must not be. (as far as I know) Yep!


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      Mine looks like white strings. When I've, uh, investigated further, it does feel like mucous. Many have reported seeing this in their urine, and healthy bladders can get it too. Not anything to worry about.
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        Thanks! I have been looking it up and it does seem some have it. I have never seen it before all this started but then again I never paid to much attention to my pee