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Bad urinary retention - unable to pee for 2 days!

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    Hi OllieR~
    Just getting back now, I had a stray dog that showed up at my home and was bitten by a much larger dog and have been getting her medical attention and then some, she's here until better and then I'll see about getting her adopted out unless she is claimed.

    So good to hear that you will follow through, can't believe the doc didn't evaluate your situation, the outcome may have been completely different. How's your kidney infection?? As far as what to say to get through to a Dr or any Dr should be so telling with your condition at this point, you may have gotten the kidney infection because you were commited and you were only able to relieve yourself when told to do so, which was way too long of a wait in between, too much bacteria growth in that time frame, the picture should be very clear. Unfortunately you had to go through this to teach us all a lesson. You would hope that when you trust someone, especially someone in the field, that you would be treated like you would treat them if they had IC. I'll keep praying for you and hope that your getting better, kidney infections are the worst. Keep us posted and take good care. Carolyn


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      Hey Carolyn thanks for the kind note. It's so sweet the way you rescued and took care of the doggy <3. I'm not a huge dog person myself, but I hate to hear about a wounded animal! (My sister and I took in a very wounded kitten. She's the sweetest!)

      Anyways, the kidney infection finally went completely away! I'm not quite sure when. The flare didn't stop until a couple days ago. Since you can never really tell with the IC, I went to the dr. and did another urine sample to verify it was gone. They said yes and I got culture sent to for good measure. I am sure I got it at the hospital because believe it or not I have only had one other infection (a mild UTI pre-IC diagnosis) in my life, and when I cath at my own house I never get one.

      I am getting my records and am supposed to be talking to a girl there, a counselor who had been part of my "care team" (more like "torture team") lol. My friends and family say I need to forget it and move on as quickly as possible, but I can't just do that. I settled and agreed not to make a big deal about it, but I know that in order for me to move on it would help a ton to talk through what happened with somebody at the hospital because I hate not understanding what happened to my own body. Then, I may lodge a written complaint to a superior or at least walk away knowing I took an active role in what happened to me, and perhaps saved a future ICer the trouble.
      Have had IC symptoms since childhood, but did not seek serious treatment or become diagnosed until I was in college.

      24 yo F

      I've had a cystectomy with an Indiana Pouch. It was a success and has helped my symptoms and pain immensely.


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        Good afternoon OllieR~
        Great to hear your Kidney infection is gone! I know with my Mother, I alway try to keep conversation light/stress free so she doesn't go into a flare. I guess I understand about your family and friends wanting you to just let the whole thing go, less stress and all! Who know's, maybe when you sit down with this gal and she tries to explain things to you, she will see you are in much better shape felling better and all and most likely will not admit fault, but will know that they made a terrible mistake. Hope you stay out of your flare, Carolyn

        PS the little dog "LILLY" will be going to a rescue this next Wed. or Thurs. I am attached to her but my much larger dog Roscoe does not feel the same way! Nice to hear you rescued the kitten, it's always nice to hear there are others who are compassionate. Take care, Carolyn