After sex, and sometimes just randomly, I get a horrible uncomfortable, burning feeling in my vagina internally. When I get it, I can't walk without hobbling about in pain, I can't get comfortable or lie down, I have to sit in stupid awkward positions. I can't sleep from it either. Normal painkillers don't help it, neither does anything else I've tried, once I have the pain its there for a good few hours.

It's not sore to touch, If I touch it or have an orgasm this tends to give me relief for a while.
I thought I might have IC, but I went to the doctor and he said there was some E-coli bacteria in my urine suggesting I have a UTI, but aside from my tender bladder, I think the main problem is being sore down below, its kinda hard to determine where the pain is coming from sometimes

I'm not sure what it is, thought it might be a vaginal infection but I don't have any unusual discharge etc, its agony!!!

Does anyone else get this? x