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My trip to ER for retention

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  • My trip to ER for retention

    Well yesterday I went into complete urinary retention. I have been having more and more problems with retention over the last few month, and after my last big flare about 3 weeks ago it has gotten a lot worse.

    Well yesterday I tried to get into my Dr. and was told I would have to wait till next week. (dragon lady on receptionist)

    I emailed my Dr. told him what was happening, and could he see me before next week. I took my FIL for his app, while there the Dr. said he had got my email and would Thurs afternoon be good, I said yes, he asked if I was sure I said yes.

    I left his office but needed to pee, so stopped at the bathroom, I could not pee at all not even a dribble.

    I stopped at the desk on the way out and said I needed to speak to my Dr. again, not possible unless I go into emerge, so I said Okay.

    I was then told they were quite busy to go wait in the waiting room, by the time they called me I could barley walk, certainly could not stand up straight.

    The nurses don't know about IC at all and in their wisdom told me I should drink lots, by now my eye balls were floating, and what meds to I take for this problem, I said I had things at home that might help but I was not able to walk let a lone drive.

    She finally decided to call my Dr. who decided my bladder had shut down due to pain, which may have been true but I was feeling it was so full the muscle could no longer squeeze down.

    His plan give me an anti spasm which can make retention worse for me, and a shot of Demerol.

    We went with the Demerol, after a very short time the pain only increased, they kept getting me to go try to go pee, by now I was in tears walking even with the Demerol.

    After a bit I told the nurse I was about to my breaking point, she went and talked to the dr. who said to ask me if some one could go retrieve a vaginal Valium from home to try, I said yes but it doesn't work immediately and I could not wait for the person to do this and then wait for it to kick in, and may or may not work.

    So we decided to drain with a cath, this is something my Dr. doesn't like to do on me because of increased risk of infection I have.

    So he gave me a ativan and a cipro, told the nurse to wait 10 mins and to drain 300mls from me, I knew this would not be enough, but went along with this,

    She drained 300mls, she was very good about cathing, best I have had to date, she went to take it out I said no the Dr. had said he may leave it in for a few days, so while she went to get him she left it draining, it ended up draining 500 mls or about 15 ozs.

    My Dr. decided to take it out, I still felt full and had a lot of pressure, I was then to go home take another ativan, and a valium sup and apply heat to bladder and go to bed. Then to take another VV this am.

    It had released enough pressure I could walk but not do my pants up. The reason he did not want to drain more was my bladder goes into real spasam if it gets emptied, so he was trying to avoid this from happening.

    I peed before I left the er on my own and peed 1000mls or 26 oz's, and felt much better. I didn't drink anything on the way home and once I got home I peed another 26 oz's, then another 8ozs or so.

    I had one drink when I went to bed about 12 ozs, and then nothing else, I got up about 5 x's in the night to pee, even with taking sleeping pills he gave me to take. I don't know how much I went in the night, but at least I was going for the last week or so I was getting up really feeling then need to go but then just dribbling a bit.

    So basically this worked and opened the flood gates, he did say come back today if I have any problems, but I think I will be fine.

    Usually cathing makes it so I can't pee as well, but this nurse was so gentle and I knew to ask her to use as small of cath as she could use and she did not hurry any of it. I really think this made a difference to my outcome.

    I am to go back to my Dr. tomorrow and to stay on ab's for 5 days.

    So I am taking it easy today and hoping the retenion stay improved.

    Thanks MG
    My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.

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    Geez- What an ordeal- you poor thing. It's traumatizing enough going to the ER but compounded with many medical personnel not educated on IC it can be a nightmare. Glad to hear you had an experienced and compassionate nurse and have gotten some relief. I guess it would be a good idea to always carry any of our meds with us just in case.


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      Thank you I actually carry a few of all my meds at all times except for vaginal Valium, when I picked it up they told me it has to be kept in a glass jar not plastic and must be kept out of sunlight and not get heated above 98.6 or it will melt.

      I figure when I go to my Dr. tomorrow I will take a couple with me and see what he thinks of keeping them in their ER meds room with my name on them, I don't know if they can do this or not but we will see.

      My Dr. is such a sweetheart, he knew I was concerned about a repeat today and he doesn't work today, the other Dr's there don't know about IC, so he said tell the nurse Is aid she could call me at home. This did help relieve my stress.

      Thanks MG
      My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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        You're really fortunate to have that kind of doctor. That alone can relieve so much stress and anxiety when you know you can count on someone to help.