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Can a UTI damage an "IC bladder"?

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  • ICNDonna
    It's been a long time since I had an infection, but after the infection cleared up there wasn't any lasting effect. I know it's frightening, but it's not unusual to have bleeding with a UTI. I hope you feel better quickly.


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  • eyeliner128
    started a topic Can a UTI damage an "IC bladder"?

    Can a UTI damage an "IC bladder"?

    I have interstitial cystitis and last night I went to the ER for a UTI (a pretty bad one, lots of blood and sharp pains). I can't remember ever having one before, as this pain is different than what I've felt with my experience with IC.

    My question is, since my bladder is already very sensitive and has hemmoraged (spelling?) in the past (I've had IC since age 12, maybe younger) from IC, could a UTI of this magnitude do any lasting damage, or should it heal up after the course of antibiotics? In other words, will I still feel these symptoms after the UTI is gone because of my already messed-up bladder?

    I'm terrified that this won't go away for awhile, even though it's only day 2 - the pain is so sharp and severe at the very end of my pee stream I almost faint. At least I got started on the antibiotic within a few hours of the UTI symptoms, hopefully that will help.