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pain with new Medication Synthroid

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  • pain with new Medication Synthroid

    My IC pain is under control by taking Tramadol. It usually takes care of my pain completely and I take it every day since 2006.

    But I recently had to start taking Levothyroxine NA (Synthroid). I started at a lower dose of 0.025 then went up 0.075. When I

    started taking this dose it started making my IC act up some of the times when I took it. My question is has anyone else had

    this happen with a medication that they started to take and if so what was the medication. I am on a few other medications and

    this is the first time this has happened with any medication. I have to take the Synthroid because my thryoid stopped working

    after having to take Chemotherapy for Colon & Rectal cancer before surgery. I was lucky they got the cancer because it had

    not got beyond the mucose membrame. I had FAP and now I have a Illestomy along with IC.

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    I've been on Synthroid for 17 yrs and have had IC for 8.5 yrs. My Synthroid dose has increased a couple of times since the IC dx though I've never noticed any difference in my bladder symptoms.
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      I've been on Synthroid a
      long time. My doctor has had to switch up the dose a couple of times, and I never noticed any IC issues with it.


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        I am on synthroid too I have never had nay problems with this even with increasing dosage.

        I know you need to take this med it is not an optional med, but there quite a few brands and manufactures, I think I would ask to try a different one, or maybe your's got changed when you dose was changed.

        When I had mine upped I stayed on the same pill just told to take 2 a day, instead of one a day.

        Each manufacture uses different fillers and different amount of fillers, that is more likely your problem, I would think.

        Just my thoughts but might be worth a discussion with your Dr. and pharmacist.

        My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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          When my dosage changed my pill changed. I had been on .88 mcgs. and was switched to .75 mcgs., and I've gone back and forth between those 2 doses twice. It is very important that as long as you are on a particular dose that your pill is made by the same manufacturer. You should watch at each refill to be sure that it is the same.


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            I've taken Levothyroxin for probably 25 years and am now at 1.37. It's never given me any trouble. I have, however had some trouble with a cholesterol medicine.
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            -acupuncture and chinese herbs
            -instillations as needed
            -beginning yoga and specialized yoga for breathing and relaxation

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