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  • Gotta go gotta go right now!!

    Hello all, I had a hydro on May 6 with DR. EVANS he is a great man/DR. Everything went smooth. Then same day my Parents split, my dad lives w/ me and my mom alone. Then my husband and I have his father living here also. I am under sooooo much stress you could not imagine. I know stress isn't good for the bladder, tried Cymbalta ewww sick all time. So now, since I do take Migraine meds I have made myself appt w/ my Neuro to see what he would like for me to go on. Dr. Evans wants me to take something for my stress but I like to be very safe. Does anyone have the pp all the time thing w/ ALOT of Stress. I need prayers too. My dad has superficial bladder cancer, which they have mentioned removing his bladder now I don't know about that he is 75 yrs old and that is a Major surgery. I have read that you have to cath yourself after that is done am I correct? We are going back to the dr. tomorrow I have a page of questions and treatment options I have looked up for him. I love my Daddy but, I need some private time w/ my child and husband and I know my husband loves his but we need some PRIVATE TIME.

    "Through God All Things Are Possible"

    Topamax for Migraines 50
    Elavil 12.5 mg
    Lidocaine 2% 10 cc
    Sodium Bicarb 8.4% 5 cc
    Heprain 20,000 Units
    Hydroxyzine 25 mgs
    Valium Sup. 10 mgs.
    Phenegran 25 mgs.
    Amerge 2.5 mgs.
    Lidocaine Gel 2%

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    I hope it works out so both your fathers are able to make different living arrangements.

    Warm hugs,
    Stay safe

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      No matter how stressful life is, to really get control of your I.C. symptoms, you need to control your stress.

      I can't say how paramount stress relief is when dealing with any medical condition that involves alot of pain and frustration - here's what works for me when I'm going through a particularly stressful month/season/year...

      Having some alone time in a field or by a lake (anywhere where you can get in touch with nature)
      Being with animals
      Low dose valiums and hot baths (at the same time - and of course I have to mention that you should only take medication prescribed to you, etc...)
      And sometimes, when those fail, I try to sleep for a long time, because things seem brighter when I wake up

      Just remember to stay strong and when you make it through this tough time, life will appear all the more magical.
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