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Urethral inflammation

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  • Urethral inflammation

    Is this is a symptom of IC? Sometimes during flare periods when my urgency/frequency is especially bad, my urethra is visibly inflamed...the meatus (external part of the urethra/urethral opening) gets very visibly swollen and painful. What are some ways of lessening this symptom?
    28 y/o female

    Bladder Symptoms:
    Severe urinary urgency/frequency with no bladder pain; severe urethral spasms (3x 'normal' pressure). Symptoms began in 2009.

    Failed medications:
    Ditropan XL (severe retention); Hyoscyamine (made bladder spasms worse); Marshmallow Root; D-mannose; Pristiq; Cymbalta; Lyrica; Nortryptaline; Prelief; Enablex; Baclofen; Ativan; Myrbetriq, Valium Vaginal Suppositories; Amitryptaline; Hydroxyzine

    Failed treatments:
    IC Diet (diet does not trigger or improve symptoms); Hydrodistentions (x2); Bladder instillations (made frequency worse); Heating pad (makes frequency worse); Surgical removal of adhesions on bladder

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    msm gel

    You can find posts on this forum about this jacob's lab msm gel. Some people have luck with that. I tried some manuka honey one time and that felt soothing. It kills gerns, but I don't know if it could agrevate yeast by the sugar content or whether it kills that too.
    I got IC in 1970! I was not diagnosed until 1991. I've tried many drugs and therapies but I tend to only resort to drugs when in a flare because when I am not in a flare (from being good on diet), I suffer only from small bladder volume (like about 7 ozs.) and peeing will relieve the discomfort. When I am feeling relatively normal, I say to myself I am glad I am not on a drug. When I am in a flare, I say, why am I not on a drug! I've recently have been trying to solve my connective issue problems in general. I look to diet and herbs mostly unless it gets really bad. I still think there is great hope for each individual finding a path to healing and there are many.


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      The bladder and urethra are so closely tied together that it's not surprising that when we have bladder discomfort it can extend to the urethra.

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        I've been having trouble with that too. Even the outside area looks red and feels really dry/chapped (like chapped lips). I've been putting hypoallergenic baby oil with aloe and vitamin E all over down there several times a day and it seems to help with the discomfort. I know some people can't tolerate certain products down there, especially if they have vulvodynia.. but I wanted to share my advice in case it does help someone. I actually got the idea for the oil from someone else on here.. in the urethral problems forum.