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Distinguish between IC or PFD or both & opinions

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  • Distinguish between IC or PFD or both & opinions

    I know IC can only be managed , not completely cured & other diseases can have same symptoms. In that case diagnosis of IC is not important as still same foods are to be avoided
    - Any reliable criteria to distinguish if its IC or PFD or both. If PFD symptoms not going into remission, can that be a sign that its only PFD
    - Any experiences regarding alternate therapies like accupuncture, ayurveda etc ?. Can things like IBS etc increase chances of IC progressing into severe stage fast
    - I have read that IC diet shouldn't be just alkaline but 70% alkaline. How true it is ?.


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    I have been wondering this a lot myself lately. It is very difficult to diagnose anything in the pelvic region aside from the obvious apparently. Even IC sufferers in many cases don't have a clear diagnosis, but find that the various treatments work for them so therefore it must be IC.

    I have not been diagnosed with anything other than PFD at this point. I often wonder if this alone can cause me not to be able to allow my bladder to fill much and have increasing genital discomfort as it fills and relief upon voiding. I have no pain in the bladder and I cannot feel what bladder urgency feels like, because it can't fill enough to feel it. Do I have IC? I don't really know.


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      I had a lot of conflicting opinions on this when I first started treating my pain. One uro felt it was all PFD, the pt felt it was half pelvic floor and half bladder, and a third opinion was that it was the bladder causing the PFD. Don't know if I will every know for sure but went on to treat both the pelvic floor and the bladder. I don't believe an all alkaline diet would be healthy as it could upset the balance, but it would be good to get an expert opinion on it.