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Does polyps mean you have HPV??

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  • Does polyps mean you have HPV??

    Please please please say no to that question. I think the polyps were in my urethra instead of on my bladder, if I am remembering right, and I just had this conversation earlier, so I don't know, must be lack of sleep from last night.

    I have never been diagnosed with HPV. I have normal paps. Could what looks like a polyp be a wart? Or is that not at all the same thing? I've had a vaginal polyp removed before and it wasn't cancerous. I had them on my uterus before it was removed, and they weren't cancerous, I now have them in my urethra I guess. I was going through an evaluation for blood in my urine but they said these polyps would cause that.

    The reason I am so worried is that my mother had them when I was born, from my cheating dad, so my twin sister has them too, and with her past actions, it's hard to say if that was from birth or not. They both have precancer cells from this, I guess was diagnosed on a pap. I however, and thank god, do not.

    Does that mean this isn't HPV, or how likely could it be? I have never seen a wart anywhere on my body, the reason behind why it freeks me out so bad, is because I wouldn't want to cause someone else to get this if I ever end up back in a relationship.

    I already have epstein bar which stays pretty quiet, but I have fever blisters every 4 to 6 weeks, & one of my doctor's PA wouldn't biopsy them, and the blood work wasn't clear enough to indicate if it's HSV-1.

    I'm so aggrivated, I don't want HPV too.

    Good news, my bladder looked good on the cystoscopy except for some clouding, no idea what that meant. This was an in office cysto so I don't think it's as detailed as the hydro. Still yet, good news.

    I told the urologist I'm taking Imuran and it's slowing the neuropathy sensations so I don't have the feeling now of pressure and a constant urge to pea. So he thinks, because of that, that my bladder issues come from autoimmunity, and he said IC is like a sister to that.

    I don't know, I'm just glad it's better.

    Oh and by the way, my mother gets polyps pretty bad, and skin tags. So what is wrong with this picture? I get the skin tags too.
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    Many years ago I had polyps removed from my bladder --- and I had one removed during a colonoscopy. They were NOT a symptoms of a contagious condition. They have not recurred.

    Stay safe

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      I also have had polyps removed from my colon and my uterus. None of them were caused by HPV.


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        So if the polyp is biopsied, they can tell if it's from HPV? I've had cervical biopsies too and never had an abnormal one.

        Relieving info, thanks. I will try to stop worrying so much.


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          A good friend of mine gets ones as well and they could never confirm anyways of she has HPV (they just suspetcted). I am not sure why-so she is not offically diagnosed. So, she has lived a perfectly normal life, she is married, has two kids, and is in good health. The only thing is she needs pap smears every 6 months. Maybe that is all it is too Just keep getting paps as needed and don't stress about the diagnosis??
          Also I do think they can be not related to HPV.. so I wouldn't jump to any conclusions..
          hope this gets better for you!
          -Pammylynn Rose
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            The biopsy should tell you if it's HPV, I had several "spots"removed years ago and they we're fine. I also get fever blister every 4 to 6 weeks i'm curious if you get these while on your menses?

            Don't worry I'm now 47, married and have 2 grown children.
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              I have avoided relationships for 11 years, and I don't want to hold myself back for someone who will never love me anymore, even if I can't overcome how I feel about them. And I would like to think if I end up in a relationship again, that I wouldn't have to explain to the man that I was in a relationship with, that I had both HSV & HPV. Nor would I ever, ever, ever, want to cause someone to get either condition from me.

              I have an overactive immune system, I think where my immune system isn't playing with a full deck, it causes outbreaks every 4 to 6 weeks. However, that is way too often to be getting infections from any source. One of the doctors I talked to told me that frequent HSV infections, is most likely caused by a weakened immune system. You might want to have yourself checked out and make sure that is okay. Have you talked to your doctor about these recurrences?

              I had blood work for both HSV-1 & HSV-2 IgM, IgG when I didn't have an infection, both were normal. I had it repeated when I had the infection, the IgM was high, the IgG was normal. So the blood work is pretty much useless. I could not get a PA to biopsy these though it is nothing for a doctor to do that, but I am going to get my GP to do it when the outbreak occurs again, and find out for sure.

              Does your husband ever get the fever blistering? Mine starts out as really tiny one's that erupt into large multiple blisters. Always occurs on the same side of my lower lip. If it's just one blister, it may not be HSV, but if you are seeing a cluster of blisters, it could very well be. After my blisters pop, it starts crusting over, sometimes it bleeds, it takes about a week and half or two weeks to completely heal.

              I don't know if periods cause that, it didn't for me when I was younger. I don't have a uterus anymore, and so glad I don't have to go through a monthly cycle anymore. My ex said he only got these blisters from eating oranges or with an upset tummy. Well.. everything I read online, regardless of the trigger, the only cause for a fever blister is HSV. Now I have no idea if that is true. Mine can be triggered by having no sleep, but I am still going to break out regularly regardless of what I do.

              One thing I found helpful at preventing these is taking a low dosage of doxycycline. Currently, I am not taking that, because I want to find out what it is first. But when I do, I have to get treatment long-term. Any infection I get knocks me down hard, and it's just not helpful when I'm already fighting against chronic fatigue.