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How do you know it's your bladder?

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    It does seem to only really work for a few percentage BUT I think it's worth it to try and see if you fit in there. Because when it works it WORKS usually. If you can afford it and do not experience life-changing side effects from it I think it's worth a shot.


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      pudendal nerve

      HI I am currently living in Australia, but lived in Texas Houston for six years.I have had IC for eleven years. I had a good urologist in Houston I have had DMSO, Bladder instillations, Everything under the sun, I go into remission at least every few weeks for about eight weeks, I am much better on the IC diet and if I do not include gluten in my diet. I was very sad when DR Brookoff passed as he has been a constant source of help to me since I moved from the US. JUst by chance I met a lady who told me about a gyno who believed in Pudendal nerve entrapment.She gave me an internal and said she thought that my Pudendal nerve may be the cause of my problems, I really hurt where she pressed. IM going to visit a surgeon in Sydney to see what he says. IM so nervous incase I have IC and Pudendal nerve entrapment I had constant urinary tract infections in the beginning, then none,My frequency was at least 60 a day. And My back was so bad I was in bed the first two years.I had a bladder distention in Spain after five years. It took my back pain away it was great. I changed to the IC diet and my frequency is about ten times a day now, I drink a lot. I am constantly tired of fighting pain, and get other things like ulcers on my tongue and red blotches on my body, low iron , low blood pressure. I constantly feel pelvic , bladder pain. But it moves constantly, one relieving the other. But none any less painful then the other. I get very confused with writing in these sites,as my meds make me feel not present. I take Ativan, Stilnox. Lyrica and Tramadol.Thease numb but do not take away the pain. I hate sitting for long periods. I was hoping someone could read this and tell me if they have the same confusion. I also want to thank Jill for all her work on this site, I think she should be given a medal.I cant think How much this must take out of her, as writing this piece alone is wearing me out.I want to say to anyone who is living in The Houston area please let me know of any support groups. MY email is [email protected],com.I know there will be an answer to this one day.I thank God for all the wonderful people out there trying to help us, as I have met so many.