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IC or prolapsed bladder? Please help!!

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  • IC or prolapsed bladder? Please help!!

    I have symtoms of both IC and a prolapsed bladder and I keep getting pushed by my Uro and Gyn that it is IC, I beg to differ though.
    I have 2 children and all of my problems began to happen after I had my first one and worsened after I had my second one.
    When I checked 'down there' I could see a bulge that was near the entrance, but not quite sticking out. My Gyn told me I had a slight prolapse, but that it wouldn't cause me the discomfort I was complaining about so she has put me on some medication along with injecting me with Urocyst. The injections don't seem to be helping (I have been doing them for 5 weeks now) and I still believe that I don't have IC. Here are the symptoms that I have:
    -while peeing, I am fine but seem to stop abruptly and have to dribble to finish
    -I never feel like I am finished peeing and constantly have that sensation that I need to urinate
    -Having sex is very uncomfortable as I just receive the sensation I need to pee
    -Even pressing slightly on my abdomin gives me a very urgent feeling that I need to pee
    -Pressure near the end of urinating

    Saying this, I do not have any pain, just a large amount of discomfort.
    As I felt my docs weren't listening, I just had a procedure done called vaginal rejuvenation in order to let the vaginal muscles do some work to hold my bladder in place. The surgery help immensely, but I still have that constant urge to pee. I am wondering if now that I had to surgery done, did I completely screw myself by making it difficult to see the prolapse and not actually getting the bladder fixed?

    I am at my wits end with all of this and I really need some answers, if anyone is able to help that would be greatly appreciated!!

    -Mom in urgent need of mental/physical relief!


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    I had what they called a "significant" prolapse and did have surgery. The main symptom mine caused was inability to urinate without sitting on the stool for twenty minutes.

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      Besides your 'something poking out' you urinary symptoms sound identical to those I was having my first couple of weeks of the flare that eventually got me diagnosed with IC.

      I never have had any pain from a flare so far. It's all frequency and discomfort. I too had the 'never fully empty' bladder situation. I always felt like I had something more to go. Even now I still can only manage a 'medium' stream and the last bits come out in trickles (even though I am fully emptying my bladder now). The pressure towards the end is still there for me but goes away right after voiding.

      So while I don't know the symptoms of the other conditions you have mentioned I can tell you there is the possibility of IC without any pain at all. The only pain I have had was after my Cysto and that wasn't even that bad.


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        I have to second what nineteenwinters said. My symptoms are very similar to yours as well. I hardly ever have bladder pain, just sometimes during sex and if my bladder is poked or prodded, internally or externally. It could be IC. Maybe it would be a good idea to try the IC diet or other treatments to see if it helps you. That might give you some idea of how to proceed. What are your doctors basing your diagnosis off of?
        34 years old, bladder symptoms all my life
        diagnosed with PFD and VV October 2009; IC May 2010

        Current meds:
        Cystoprotek 2 pills twice a day, Hydroxyzine 10 mg, Gabapentin 600 mg, Myrbetriq 25mg, Zoloft 25 mg, Mircrogestin, capsaicin cream (for vulva)
        Other past treatments:
        IC diet, physical therapy, Traumeel injections as needed, TENS unit, heating pad, instills with sodium bicarb, lidocaine, and mucosa compositum
        Tried and didn't work:
        Pyridium, Singlair, Nortriptyline, Elmiron, lidocaine and heparin instills (worked at first, then didn't anymore), various creams, acupuncture


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          If you have doubts about your diagnosis, definitely seek a second opinion from another doctor. Don't mention your other doctor's diagnosis, just give them your medical records and symptoms and you should easily find the answers you seek from an unbiased (and uninfluenced) doctor.


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            Same prob

            I have been diagnosed with IC but just before diagnosis I also had and still occasionally have other urinary problems, eg kidney stones, bladder and kidney infections.
            I went to Gp and did x rays, both suggested prolapse as during an exam by Gp and I noticed too something was slightly poking out at the front of vagina, however when I had cystoscopy I was examined by a urologist and few urologists said 'no prolapse' and one explained that what was poking out was inflamed bladder that was swollen not prolapsed


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              Same prob

              I rarely get this bulge now but it was there a lot last year. I make sure all my UTIs are diagnosed and treated which can be difficult as UTIs have similar symptoms to IC, I have both pain and frequency but for me pain is worse I get frequency with flares pain is more persistent . Could be you have different prob to me but it's an option to think of.