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  • To go or not to go . . .

    There have probably been a million posts like this on this site . . . As a matter of fact, I may have made one similar to it in the past myself.

    But it's 3 a.m. and I'm struggling with whether or not to go to the ER. I have been diagnosed with IC since a year ago last Thursday.

    Tonight . . . well, this morning now . . . I'm having severe pain in my right kidney. It feels like I'm choking on it -- and I'm not sure if I'm choking it up or down. For the first time in over a month I have visible blood clots in my urine again. (My doc: Are you sure they're comin' out your pee hole? Me: Yes; I can feel them when they leave -- it's like peeing little pieces of sponge.) It hurts so much.

    I just don't want to deal with the hassle of going . . . Doc won't be in till Monday . . .

    Apparently I'm not going to get any sleep like this.

    The only med I'm on now is Percocet 10/325 every 3-4 hours as needed for pain. I was just in the ER last month (which is another thing bugging me about this situation).

    I'm open to advice.

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    If you're not feeling better this morning, I suggest you call your doctor's office number. Even if the office isn't open, there should be a doctor on call for the practice who can give you some advice.

    I hope you feel better quickly.

    Stay safe

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      I would say when in doubt... go. The reason I say this is because of your kidney and you are not getting any relief from the pain meds. I think it the safest thing to do!! good luck!!
      -Pammylynn Rose
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        If cost isn't your concern I would go. When none of the medications I had worked that morphine they gave me in my IV was heaven. The first time I had relaxed in months.

        And anything funky in the kidneys should be checked out ASAP. If it was just the pain (for myself) I would try and wait until Monday (for costs reasons for me). But the kidney stuff is no joke; so I would probably go in for that alone.


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          Cost isn't my concern. It's the way I've sometimes been spoken to or looked at. Like I'm faking it or something.

          When i went (at the suggestion of the members of this board) last time, the doc didn't believe I had IC until he saw my UA results.

          Me (before testing or anything): "I have IC. I've been having a really bad flare, so I came to the ER."

          Doc (gives me THAT look and I know he doesn't believe I'm there for real pain; he thinks I'm there for drugs. Guess what? I am there for drugs. Drugs to help me feel better because I'm having real and severe pain.): We'll run a few tests.

          (Doc then procedes to prescribe me a percocet 5/325 on the spot which a nurse brings in; I take 10/325 at home . . . If that was going to work, I think it would have already. I tell the nurse this. Doc prescribes a straight oxy 5 mg "chaser". So now we're up to the full 10/325 I could've -- and did -- taken at home.)

          After they move me to another room and I wait forever and a day the doc returns

          Doc: "Well, Miss <abnormal>, you have a blood in your urine. That's a classic sign of IC."

          Me (in my head): Thanks, Doc.

          Doc: "You also have a high white blood cell count. That's a classic sign of IC."

          Me (in my head): They pay you for this?

          Doc: "So I'll sign your paperwork and you can get going. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

          Me (in my head): Uhh . . . treat the pain?
          Me (out loud): "I'd like a shot of dilaudid if I may have one."

          Doc: "Well I don't see a problem with that . . . "

          Five hours of pain and stress and heart ache later, I finally had something that resembled relief. I could actually THINK!

          It's a slot machine, going to the ER. Sometimes you get docs who are really familiar with IC and believe you and will take the time to look at your medical records, etc. Sometimes you get the docs who wouldn't believe you were in pain if you came in carrying your own arm in a box.